About The Dog

Mr. Brick’s beloved wire-haired fox terrier, Sunny, passed away and walked over the rainbow bridge a few years ago.

But he will live fur-ever in every heart that he met. He loved it whenever the doorbell rang, barking and hoping that it was another box of goodies for him from his favorite online store, Chewy’s.




Sunny napping in the sun
Sunny getting a tan in his own pool
Sunny mowing Mr. Brick’s lawn


duckie 4
Sigh… Dreaming of getting a box from Chewy’s today?

2 thoughts on “About The Dog

    1. Yes, sadly Sunny left me last January. He was such a gentle soul. I loved my first WFT, Pjojo and had him for 16 great years. But my second WFT, Sunny was a special needs WFT..tons of allergies and ear infections. So he needed me, and I loved that dog with everything I had. I am fortunate to work out of my house so we were always together 24/7. But when he died I only knew that his time with me was over. I know someday me and both of my WFT’s will be all together again. Crap, now I’m crying. I just love that breed so much.

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