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Oh Rats, Evangelism Is Not Just For Sundays Anymore!

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When you hear the word, evangelism who comes to mind?  Joel Osteen? Billy Graham? Beth Moore? Robert Shuler? Dr. Martin Luther King?  Jesse DuPlantis? The word has always been bantered around by people usually when they are talking about the bible thumpers of the religious kind.  Me, I  personally like many of the religious evangelists I mentioned, but more and more I tend to think of business evangelists more than religious evangelists when I now hear the word.  I do like the word and I so I am going on a crusade to use the word evangelist as often as possible.

In the Websters dictionary it says  e-van’-gel-ism  n. – Any zealous effort in propagandizing for a cause” or in everyday language it means “Evangelism is the process of selling a dream.” The word propaganda has really be given a bum rap over the years, but the actual definition is ”the wide spread promotion of particular ideas.” For those who know me know that I become an evangelist for everything I lend my name is. I guess I have the attitude go big or go home. That is why I evangelize any cause, person or event I am involved with.  It is that one trait most people like about me. Well, that and my baby blue eyes, but that’s a blog for another day.

Currently I have a dream. My dream is to create a new children’s brand, called TRPOH: The Rat Pack of Hollywood. I don’t just want to just create a new children’s brand, I want to create an entire rat empire! And so I am becoming my own evangelist for those big rat dreams lodged in my skull to ensure that they all come true.  Before I go on, I must give credit to the one person who honed my ability to evangelize, and that person was Ken Kragen.  For anyone who has ever had the pleasure to see Ken speak or read his book, then you know that my dream is within my grasp if I follow my dreams and never give up.

When I attended my first Ken Kragen seminar years ago, I admit  I was mesmerized. Within 5 minutes, I knew that life as I knew it before, was no more. I went to the seminar to get my career and life on track. I honestly had no desire to work with or work for Ken. Ken is a very successful manager and business strategist. He created the mega charity events  “We Are The World” and “Hands Across America. Ken is a big believer in doing good works for others.

Well, I was just leaving a great job with a major motion picture studio so the last thing I wanted to do was to go work for someone else. Good thing too, because the first words out of Ken’s mouth at the seminar were, “If you want me to manage your career, if you want to get a job from me, if you want me to listen to your tape…forget it. That’s not what this seminar is all about!” He continued, “What I will do however, is tell you how to have the best life possible. I will tell you how to get what you want in your career by getting past the gate keepers. I will give you the strategies so you can manage your own career.”    And he did.

The great thing about listening to Ken was that he appealed to everyone. Young college students and old folks alike were nodding their heads as he spoke. That’s because Ken was evangelizing, so the felling of listening to him speak was exactly like if you went to Lakewood Church in Houston to hear Joel Osteen on a Sunday morning.  But when you attend a typical church service the seats usually are not as comfortable and they often pass around a collection plate. I didn’t realize then, but I had been evangelized by Ken Kragen.

Over the next several  years I went about my business using Ken’s strategies to build my career. Without even realized I had been “Krangenized” ( Ken Kragen + Evangelism = Kragenized) Without even thinking about it, I was constantly applying everything I had learned and it was working. I was  spreading Ken’s message to everyone I met and I didn’t even realize it. That is the beauty of evangelism. I thought I had built the perfect career carved out for myself and then one day out of the blue I received a phone call from Ken Kragen asking for my help in putting together an infomercial for him called The S.T.A.R. System. Although Ken had no idea if I was interested in it, or even if I was available to help out. Of course I dropped what I was doing and went to work with him. Over the next several years I spent working alongside Ken, learning how to evangelize, to get others to believe in what you are doing,  and to successfully get them to help out. Working with Ken was some of the best and most fun years of my life! I learned first hand how to become an evangelist!

Now Ken nor I can take credit for coming up with the religious and business evangelism similarities because I believe they came from the uber popular best seller called, “Selling The Dream”, by Guy Kawasaki which was released in 1992.  Kawaskai was an early evangelist for the Apple brand, and in many ways, is just as famous as Steve Jobs.  Kawasaki writes one of the most popular blogs on the planet and has a bazillion Twitter followers listening to his every evangelistic Tweet.

Now it may seem odd to be promoting someone else’s book, blog and talking about Ken Kragen like he was John the Baptist, when the point of today’s blog post is to evangelize about my TRPOH: The Rat Pack of Hollywood children’s books, but I understand the whole philosophy behind evangelism…I know what I am doing. I am a professional.

Keep reading…you are getting sleepy, very sleepy…your head is getting heavy… When you are done reading this blog you will crave cheese. From this point on, whenever you hear the word “Rats” – you will start talking about TRPOH: The Rat Pack of Hollywood to everyone and everybody. Even if you are in the dentist chair and the dentist slips with the drill while  filling a cavity and says, oh rats – you will then start talking all about The Rat Pack of Hollywood, Novocain and all.

Well that’s all for now. I wished I could write more but oh rats, I have to go to bed.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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