How To Make A Whiteboard Animation Video

These Animation Whiteboard Videos Create Super Engaging, Professional Doodle Videos Even If You Have Little, To No Tech or Design Skills Like Mr. Brick.

You can quickly and easily make Whiteboard, Blackboard, & Glassboard videos in minutes! I Did!

You’ve seen whiteboard videos all over the internet. I’ve seen whiteboard animation videos with a drawing hand all over the internet But how do they get made?

That was the $1,000,000 question I had for the longest while. I loved the way the art and words flowed together like a Shakespeare monologue. Whiteboard videos are the merging of technology, marketing and art.

I found the answer. It’s a software company called Bryxen, which created a few magical products that make any marketeer look like a freakin’ genius. All of these products are the brainchild of Brad Callen. The dude is Bill Gates smart!!

The video I created above was from their software  Doodly. I made the video in 2 1/2 hours. Long term readers of my blog n know that Mr. Brick has no skills, unless eating chili cheese fries and drinking Diet Coke was a skill. I like to think of it as a sport, I get more respect as an “athlete.”

Anyway, so you know if I could create a whiteboard video in such a short time, Doodly must be some spookily magical software! It is. But a good spookily… not like a school cafeteria mystery meat lunch kind of spookily!

How easy it? Well, you choose a video style from templates, whiteboard, chalkboard, or glass. Add your text, images, and colors. Go to the easy drag and drop interface, choose the soundtrack for your video or upload an audio track of your own like I did. Boom! It is that easy!

Share the finished product in any way you want

Bryxen also has other products that I’m dying to try because I’m such a cartoonist and marketeer at heart! Those products are Toonly where you can create professional, cartoon, animated explainer videos in minutes. These are perfect for product & service-based businesses. I joined their secret FB group and found several teachers use Doodly to make fun educational videos to use in their classrooms for the enjoyment of their students! Brilliant!

And for those who are like Mr. Brick, and who want to help others make their own dreams come true or have products that can help others help themselves, Brad Callen and the fine team at Bryxen made 1 Method Mastery.

Simply put, the work at home or the online business world might be scary. You WILL face several problems, everyone does.  But lucky for you, there is an expert willing to help. That expert is Brad Callen who is a master of these tricks. He offers a course named The 1 Method Mastery. If this is your jam, this program contains several features that will help you master your unchartered waters of online marketing

Well, now that the curtain has been pulled back you too can be a genius with the whiteboard animation videos. I wish you much success with them.

Have a great day!


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