I Don’t Care if Bruce Jenner Wears a Dress!

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Bruce Jenner Interview. Photo Credit: ABC News

I happened to catch the ABC Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner the other night. Although I was expecting more than I actually got, it made me think. Anytime something challenges your noggin, that’s a good thing.

My takeaway from watching the Bruce Jenner interview is that he is willing to go to any lengths to make himself happy. That is pretty much what life is all about, isn’t it? Living each day as if it were our last. I do not think Jenner’s desire to wear a dress and get breast implants really matter in my life, just as I’m sure my life long desires to find a really good french dip sandwich or the perfect chili cheese fries recipe doesn’t matter to Bruce. We all have our own life to live. To others, our life’s pursuit might seem strange, weird or offensive. But if what we do doesn’t harm anyone else, why should others care? They shouldn’t.

Simply put: Mind your own beeswax

I get and understand, that those who feel they were assigned the wrong gender feel discriminated and bullied. I get, that if a transgendered person is murdered, it will fill the evening news because that has become the latest PC issue. If a white police officer kills a black youth, that too becomes fodder for the evening news. However, if a black man kills a white cop or a transgendered person kills someone it doesn’t even make the news. In fact, far more white cops have been killed by black men or transgendered persons who have killed more people than have been killed for being in that lifestyle. Just because it has not been on the news doesn’t mean that is not happening. Both scenarios happen a lot more times than you think, Google it.

If someone wants to live their life as they see fit, they are entitled to not being harassed, no matter how different their lifestyle may seem to others. We should all have that freedom. There is one big difference… if you are a public figure, like Bruce Jenner, then all bets are off. It doesn’t mean he should be harassed, but if you make your money off of the backs of the general public, and then you decide to live a lifestyle and/or do things that others find odd, then you are setting yourself up for non-acceptance. Jenner is building an entirely new reality series around him “transitioning” into becoming a woman. I’m sure he was also paid handsomely for the ABC 2-hour interview because we all know a Jenner or Kardashian does not do anything for free. This would explain the absence of the Kardashians in the interview, and the front row and center appearance of the Jenner kids. The Kardashians did not get paid for the interview and are not part of Bruce’s new reality series…. but the Jenner kids most likely were paid for the interview, and are part of Bruce’s new reality series. See how sneaky that interview was?  While millions of  Americans tuned in to see Bruce wear a dress, instead they got a bait and switch. They didn’t see Bruce in a dress, but they did meet the cast of his new reality series. Well played, Bruce.

Any celebrity who accepts the role of being a celebrity also acknowledges that they are opening their lives to be on public display. Because of this public display, the general public may ridicule them on any number of subjects. Bruce Jenner should not be treated any differently. Fallon, O’Brien, Ferguson, Leno, Colbert, Stewart, Kimmel, Handler… keep the Bruce Jenner jokes coming. We’re laughing at the celebrity NOT the choices of the person. 

I do not think we must sit back and refrain from making Bruce Jenner jokes if we are not personally attacking him. If any celebrity wears something in public, or like Britney Spears forgets to wear panties in public, shouldn’t they also expose (pardon the pun) themselves to being the subject of late-night TV monologs? Now, if Bruce Jenner the celebrity wears a dress in public and does not wear matching shoes, must we refrain from commenting? I think not.

Several years ago, actor Hugh Grant was caught with a transgendered prostitute. The same thing has been reported happening with Danny Bonaduce, Hank Baskett, Shawn Wayans, Eddie Murphy, etc, etc. This who transgender fascination thing has been around a really long time. Years ago, Phil Donahue would get huge ratings whenever he had a cross-dresser on his program.  Yes, that was back in the old days when transgendered were called “cross-dressers.” Did you happen to notice that Bruce Jenner used that term, too?  Could that be a generation gap thing coming from the lips of a 65-year-old man? After the interview, I’m sure someone in the transgendered community will take Bruce out to brunch and let him know terms like, “cross-dressing”, “queer” and “faggot” are no longer being used. None of these transsexual stuff is new. All of the celebrity stories were newsworthy stories for one basic reason… it is illegal to use a prostitute and they were celebrities. Any time someone in the public eye is caught breaking the law, it becomes a news story. It has nothing to do with a transexual or prostitute…just ask Lindsey Lohan or Winona Ryder. If you are BFFs with Winona and you go shopping with her, you will have the store security following you, it goes with the territory. Bruce Jenner didn’t break the law. He was already a celebrity. If he wasn’t already famous, then Diane Sawyer would not have had a 2-hour network primetime special on the subject, and nobody would care that a 65-year-old man wants to become a woman. Who really gives a crap? Let him live his own life. However, since Bruce is flaunting his choices (network prime time special and upcoming reality series) he should not expect to just sit back and not get any unwanted attention. He is asking for attention.

If any celebrity goes out for coffee with friends, the paparazzi are not far behind. The same will be and should be with Bruce Jenner. If he is wearing a dress, make-up and some uncomfortable looking high heels, he is a celebrity in public, he should expect the unwanted attention. Personally, I don’t care if Bruce Jenner wears a dress or not.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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