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Your Spirit Animal Can Make You Money

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I’m not weird I’m Gifted!

It all happened so suddenly. One day I was a normal Diet Coke drinking son, brother, lover, BFF, chili cheese fries connoisseur, neighbor, etc., and then the next moment I was obsessed with rats. Not any rats and God forbid not real rats, my rats.


A few years ago I decided to write and illustrate children’s books about a pack of celebrity rats who embark on a music career, called Hollywood Rats! I was all excited about the prospects of my new project, and then I got sick. I got really sick. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. I wrote a blog about that called, Throwing Up is Hard to Do, because, with Gastroparesis, that is what you do… a lot. Read that post here.

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With my illness, I thought my rat dreams were all but lost. However, through the encouragement of family and friends as my litmus tests, I sojourned forward and published my books.


To date, they have released 5 books from Hollywood Rats!. All of the books are for sale on


So, yes, I do like rats… but only the animated kind that sings and dances. I hope you like them too. The Hollywood Rats are big-time rodents on social media. If you would like to Keep up With The Kardashians   Hollywood Rats!, here are the various sites where you can find them on social media platforms. Click on any of the links to be redirected and a new window will open.




Have a cheesy day!


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