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Girls Gone Wild

There are websites out there where you can find the address of your next jail house babe. It’s chock full of girls your mother warned you about. What is surprising is that some of the girls are actually kinda hot looking. You know, in a psychotic kind of way! It is hard to believe that girls can be just as bad as boys when it comes to the committing a felony department.

No longer the Jail Babe she once was

The most famous prison babe of late, Casey Anthony was just released last week after being acquitted of all the serious charges against her. While doing a stint in the Orange County hoosegow a jail babe, she had a long list of suitors sending her money to her inmate trust account so she could order make up, moon pies, chips, soda and beef jerky. While in the pokey, Casey Anthony was receiving more cards and letters than almost all of the other inmate combined. I am one of the few that actually believed Casey was innocent from the beginning. Now it turns out that even the state’s witnesses are coming out of the wood work saying that what was testified on court was not what really happened. Can you say over-zealous prosecutors?

There are of course are some really bad girls out there, the natural-born killers  who have been convicted of killing their boyfriend or husband. Sometimes I do feel sorry for them because it was the only escape they felt they could get from the torture of physical and verbal abuse they were being the victims of. It’s too bad that each state has such different laws about women who kill their abusers. In one state a woman can be convicted of life in prison for killing her lover and then less than a mile away, if she committed the same crime,she would have walked away as a hero for stopping a predator.

Jailhouse Babe Renee Poole

Then there are stories about jail babes who claim they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, Renee Poole was an extremely good-looking young exotic dancer from South Carolina who was on the beach rekindling a romance with her husband on their wedding anniversary, when a masked gunman ambushed the couple during their love-making. The masked man shot and killed Renee’s husband Brent.  Because Renee wasn’t hurt during the ambush, police surmised she must have been involved in the crime. Now  Renee sits in the Leah Correctional facility for the rest of her natural life. The was a TV show about Renee Poole’s crime and you can watch it here on Hulu. I for one believe in Renee’s innocence.

There is another hot momma sitting in the slammer. Her name is Jennifer Nibbe.  Jennifer blew away her husband with a shot gun he just bought her. Jennifer was a successful and really a very cute girl.



090210 Jennifer Nibbe (Gilman)





So maybe you are looking at your last chance for romance and want a jailhouse babe for your own. So where do you find them?  You can check out CowTown, and there is a complete list of jailhouse babes from every state that you can take on as your next pen pal.   Click on this to check them out.

Ok,  if you want to get your bad girl fix on, now you know where to go. And sorry you must correspond with your favorite jail babe through snail mail as very few jails allow inmates access to computers – it’s a security risk. I guess the warden is worried they might be reading my blog and corrupting their criminal minds. You can thank me later.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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