Operation Cheesy Medicine


This is the feel-good, give-back, non-profit part of Mr. Brick’s World. We believe that laughter is the best medicine! Through our publishing partner, Shutterfly, our organization is best known for helping terminally ill children write their own children’s picture books. These books, called Obooktuaries, sadly are sometimes the only legacy these brave children can leave behind for their family and friends.



Using the lovable rat characters as super heroes from our own Intellectual Property, the Hollywood Rats!  we tell whatever story the terminally ill child wants to tell. This way the child will die as a published author instead of just as a pediatric cancer victim. The child proudly gets the “written by” credit on the front of the book along with all of the rights for the book. 

hands with book


Each book is a custom, one-of-a-kind limited-edition 32-page Hardbound picture book. These books are distributed free of charge to the terminally ill child and/or their family. Each family is given the copyright, ISBN number, Library of Congress registration and art files. They are free to print to sell the books or make copies to use them as a fundraiser or on a crowd-source platform to help defray medical costs.

Operation Cheesy Medicine. is sustained 100% on public and corporate donations.

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