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5 Advantages of Getting Old

This is an example of a hot Friday night date for a super old couple

After careful thought and hours of research on Al Gore’s super information highway, Mr. Brick has compiled a list of the top 5 advantages of getting old for you. You’re welcome.


Psyche! That’s right….there are no advantages of getting old – just sayin’

So, you need to start living the dreams you’ve always wanted to live and do it right now. Put down the “Excuse” book and pick up the “I’m Gonna Do It” book.

Age isn’t a factor. I don’t want to hear that! Mr. Brick was 50 when I went back to college to get a degree in graphic design so I could learn how to design a book.

I’ve written, illustrated, and published 5 books since then! You can check out my books here.

According to my good friends over at The Ladder, a career search website, many people found their biggest success later in life.

8 wildly successful people who switched careers after age 50

  • Colonel Sanders. Harland Sanders’ finger-licking good chicken may be world-renowned now, but it took him several decades to find that sweet spot.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Duncan Hines
  • Ray Kroc
  • Leo Goodwin
  • Julia Child
  • Taikichiro Mori
  • Grandma Moses

Need a little help as to which direction to go? I recently enrolled in and completed some online courses.

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