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Identical Twin Declares Heaven is for Real

Identical Twin reaches out to his deceased twin brother               Identical Twin reaches out to his deceased twin brother

Identical Twins Communicate After Death Just like They Did In Utero

I’ve learned a great deal about Heaven from conversations with my twin brother who died several years ago. I’ve novelized the entire scenario about his death in a book, “inTWINition of murder.”   Note: I didn’t want to novelize it, but being threatened with lawsuits changed my mind!

The book follows the struggles of a man (Mr. Brick in real life) who is left behind after the death of his beloved twin brother and how he uses his inner twin intuition (inTWINition) to communicate with his brother to help solve the murder.

Crime novel about a deceased identical twin communicating with his twin on earh
inTWINition by Michael Houbrick is a crime novel about a deceased identical twin communicating with his twin on earth

The movie, Heaven is For Real had people lining up at the box office. Luckily, I didn’t need to watch a movie to learn if it was true, I know it was true.

Here is My Real Story

I have an identical twin brother who was found dead in a Chicago hotel room. To this day, many years later, we still have the ability to communicate. On the day he died, a witness saw a mysterious black cloud above my head at the exact time of his death, despite the fact that we were more than 1,800 miles apart.

When I formally learned of his death from the police, I already knew what happened, and how it happened.

In the days after his death, I communicated to him about my loneliness on earth without him. My twin assured me that Heaven will be worth the wait.

He went into great detail about meeting God for the first time. Everyone who enters Heaven first has a face-to-face meeting with God.

It is at that point we must be accountable for our time and actions on earth. When my brother sat down with the Almighty, He looked at my twin and said, “OK, which twin are you? Matt or Mike?” And then, my brother said God started laughing and explained He was kidding.

Matt told me, “See Mike, God does have a sense of humor.”

Most of my conversations are just like Matt and I are face-to-face at the local pizzeria getting a Canadian bacon pizza with black olives (yum). Two twins talking to each other, both with the gift of gab.

Other times the conversations are done in the form of automatic writing.

Either way, I know my twin brother, Matthew, is in Heaven and he has prepared me for when I get there. I should add, that in Heaven, there is no such thing about time.

To me, here on earth it has been physically about 14 years since my twin’s death. In Heaven, Matt says it only seems like about 15 minutes… he reminded me it seems just a little longer than it takes me to wolf down a Big Mac and fries.

Go see the movie, Heaven is for Real, and buy my book, inTWINitionofmurder, and I think you will come to your own conclusion that yes, Heaven is indeed for real!

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