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Top 6 Ways To Make Your Blog Funnier

A funny thing happened while writing this blog

I am not a funny guy.

I don’t make my living yucking it up in a smoke-filled nightclub, I don’t write for any top-rated sitcom (yet), and in fact, if you ask my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Brooks, she will remind you that my antics aren’t funny at all. Not even in the least bit.

Needless to say, I am very humbled whenever I get a comment posted on my blog saying my writing made someone laugh.

Here are some of my favorites comments:

  • “Brilliant! I wet my knickers while reading your blog,”  – Blog reader from Yorkshire, England.
  • “Brilliant, I wet my knickers the car seat while reading your blog,”  – Famous pop star (who doesn’t wear underpants)
  • “Enjoyed your Blog. I’m Lovin it. I laughed so hard I spit up my Egg McMuffin” – Blog reader/McDonald’s customer
  • “Your blog is banned here because we don’t want residents to die laughing while reading it,” – CEO,  Shady Rest Retirement Center
  •  “It’s pretty funny stuff. I love when you talk about your beautiful, faithful, sweet, loyal and loving dog,”  – Sunny (Mr. Brick’s deceased dog)
  • “You and your shenanigans. I knew you’d never grow up and amount to anything” – Mrs. Brooks

Ok, yadda, yadda, yada…you get the idea.

So now I want to give you Mr. Brick’s top-six ways to make your own blog funnier. No charge. Consider it a gift from me to you.

  1. Use the word underpants at least once in your blog.
  2. Pretend your dog or cat can actually talk to you and then blog about it. Even if they’re dead.
  3. Try really hard to use the words “skanky” and “Kardashians” in the same sentence. (Note: It’s super easy to do)
  4. Drink a six-pack of Diet Coke before you start writing. When you are all hopped up like that on Diet Coke you can really come up with some crazy crap that is funny.
  5. Try and use a picture of a yak somewhere in your blog. Yaks are funny.
  6. Blog about the stupidity of others. That’ll always generate a crowd-pleasing blog posts.

Now you have my personal secrets which will reward you with thousands of chuckles from your blogs and thousands of blog views each and every day!

Have a great day


Now for the random Yak pic.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 11.16.20 PM
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