Fear Not!

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“Fear Not…” appears 361+ times in the bible

Fear can prevent us from achieving our dreams. Fear can paralyze us. Fear is evil.

As a Christian, I found it interesting when I was listening to a podcast and heard that the words “Fear Not…” appear in the bible 361 times. I  am using King James Verison. “Fear not…” is often substituted with, “Be Not afraid” in other bibles

No, I didn’t have to start at Genesis and go all the way through to Revelations with a highlighter to get the number. I used a bible concordance app.

What is interesting is, here we are 2,000 years AFTER the bible was written, were still dealing with something that God has asked us not to worry about. Yet we all still do. I know I do.

This isn’t a sermon and I’m not preaching. I want to point out the irony of the 2,000 old bible and our current dreams. If we can eliminate fear and worry less we would be on top of the mountain!

According to some of the top career fears are:

  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of Uncertainty
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Rocking the Boat
  • Fear of Not Being Enough
  • Fear of Being Judged

You’re “assignment” from Mr. Brick for this coming week is the write down all of your fears and then tackle them. Tackle them like a fat boy tackles a slice of chocolate cake! Go all in.

Have a Great Day!
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