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In Other Words…

Scrabble is Mr. Brick’s Go-To Word Game

You Wake Up and You Can’t say A Word that has Been Used For Years

Maybe it is the typical evolution of the English language and I need to just get over. I really don’t know what’s going on, but times are a-changing.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to adjust to using a new word or phrase because my brain has engrained my mouth to say the old word when I want to communicate it. Whether you’re writing a blog, working as a Virtual Assitant, sending in your headshot and resume for an audition, writing a proposal for a grant to get money for an art project in an effort not seem to like you were raised in the hills of West Virginia it’s very important to always stay up on your vocabulary. My apologies to all of my cousins and their cousins that they married still living in West Virginia.

I’m guilty of misusing certain words. Now I have to start all over again.

To start all over calling a new word is like going back to pre-school. It takes a while for some new words or phrases to catch on, while others seem to creep into the vernacular overnight. Yes, some word and/or phrase changes are good because they are now offensive, I’ve never been a big user of those words. With that said, in my humble opinion, too much political correctness is not a good thing either.

Here are some words and/or perfectly good phrases that have changed recently in the wake of Covid-19 or over a period of time for no apparent reasons:

Old School Word or Phrase = New Word or Phrase

Disposable Hospital Gown/Glove = Personal Protection Equipment

Toilet Paper = An Essential Currency

Stay Inside your Jail Cell = Self Isolate at Home  See: Lockdown

Going on a No-Touch Date with Mr. Brick = Mandatory Social Distancing 

Two Platonic male friends = Bromance

Let’s Have Casual Sex = Wanna Hook Up 

Welfare/Food Stamps/Medicaid = Self-Entitlements

She/He is Ugly = Swipe Left

She/He is Hot = Swipe Right

Babysitter = Nanny 

The neighbor kid who mows a lawn = Landscaper 

Or you having a boy or a girl = When is your non-binary infant due?

Kegger = Rave

Marijuana = Essential Pharmaceutical

William Shatner = William Shatner

Crooked judges/Police = Judicial Misconduct

Keeping a diary/journal = Blogging   

Celebrity = Influencer

Horse’s Ass = NY Mayor Andrew Cumo


I will update this from time to time.  Send me your suggestions.

Have a Great Day!
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