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You’re Fired! Now What?


When you hear the words, “YOU’RE FIRED” it may seem like you have just been cast with an evil spell by a very unjust and wicked sorceress from your company’s HR department. Perhaps you can’t see the big cauldron of bubbling potion that was conjured up by this vile person, but you know it is there. You can smell it. Or wait, is that foul odor from when your co-worker Harrison microwaved fish in the company’s smallish breakroom?

Man, you loved your 55-minute commute. You loved your little cubicle. You loved that “surprise” Birthday cake in the conference room every year. You loved those 2 weeks paid vacation… away from. the man… able to do whatever you wanted to do once you got done with 1 1/2 weeks of honey-do list projects. Or wait, are those things you detested about your job? Hmmm, when you were there you though they were all good things. Paid vacation, your own workspace, etc.

Alas, you were indeed fired. Before you sample every kind of liquor to drown your sorrows, try and turn this negative into a positive. Oh, that’s easy peasy for you to say Mr. Brick, but you’re not the one who just got a pink slip. True dat, but let me correct your negative train before it leaves the station.

Pink Slips Arent Even Pink

First off, most company’s termination notices are not even pink. Rumor has it the term pink slip originated from Henry Ford, that slick bastard at the Ford Motor Company. A common explanation of why companies started using pink slips was that termination notices were printed on pink paper so that it would stand out from other paperwork the employee received. It was often slipped into an envelope with their paycheck. Henry Ford is the same dude that kept you in that cubicle for 8 hours a day. Yep, in 1926, Henry Ford instituted an eight-hour workday for some of his employees to match the union hours.

I Have Been Fired From Almost Every Job I Loved

Once when I was fired from a job I dearly loved it gave me the time and freedom to try to do something I had always wanted to do. No, not go on a date with Danica Patrick, I mean something really meaningful. I’ve always wanted to write and illustrate children’s books. With nothing to do on my hands but write and draw, as a direct result of getting fired, I launched a whole new chapter in my life. I created The Hollywood Rats! Check them out here: Mr. Bricks Hollywood Rats Books

Secondly,  it’s not always about you. The different reasons I have been fired have never ever been about poor performance, insubordination, poor attendance, anger, poor productivity, I’ve never gone postal, I didn’t stalk that hottie redhead in the cubicle next to mine … shall I go on?

Fun Fact:

Thomas Edison secretly conducted experiments in his office at Western Union that got him fired.

Most of US workers are employed as  At-Will employees. On the books of the US Labor laws, this means The Boss Man can fire your ass at any time for any reason. Yes, it sucks when it happens because we all take it so personally. Our hurt turns to rage…How could that company do this to me when I dedicated my life to them. I worked overtime for free for them.  That is part of the problem. We care too much. It’s good that you care so much, it’s a fantastic trait to have, but when you realize that you were given a seat on the bus when the company had an open seat for you. Now the company aka bus is headed in an entirely different direction and they need your seat for someone who is headed in their new direction. This concept of giving up your seat on the bus is best described in one of my favorite business/self-improvement books of all time, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Sopencer Johnson. He goes into great detail that will help you realize, it’s not all about you, so don’t take it personally, just roll with it.

Time to Fulfill Your Dreams

Most of the time when we get kicked to the curb by our employer it truly is a blessing in disguise. It may take time for you to see that your current opportunities were a direct result of that Wicked Witch of the West from HR that sacked you five years earlier. Although success is the best recipe for revenge, remember that revenge is also a dish best served cold. Either way, your revenge is all about moving on. When you become successful at another company or your own business, and you will survive this current firing, you won’t need to hunt down that HR Witch, she will see your success through social media, industry meetings, and industry newsletters. That should be enough personal satisfaction than stewing about being fired years ago. That my friends will give you an ulcer or other wanted medical ailments. Let it go!

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985. It sounds odd because of the fact we all associate Steve Jobs with Apple and Apple with Steve Jobs.  But, the truth is in 1985 after a long power struggle with the company’s board and its then-CEO John Sculley, he was handed his “pink slip”.  Jobs talked about that firing during a commencement speech at Stanford University  “I was out, and very publicly out. What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating.” He added, “I was a very public failure.” The day after Labor Day, 1985, Jobs called a former colleague, and together they launched a new computer company, NeXT. Jobs also launched Pixar Animation Studios. Two companies that would have never found the light of day if Jobs had not been fired from Apple, the company that we all know was his passion, and that he founded. Apple acquired NeXT in 1997, and Jobs once again became CEO of his former company within a few months.

It may be hard to do but look at the firing as an opportunity. Here is another example: Caitlin Pyle. Pyle has built a multi-million dollar media empire as a direct result of getting fired. She was working in the marketing department of a court transcription company.  Like Steve Jobs, Pyle’s determination to do what she wanted with her life was accelerated AFTER she was booted. After getting fired Pyle tried personal fitness, although she was now fit, the job wasn’t a good fit because of the commute and the lack of commitment from her clients. So then Pyle decided to start her own online business, Proofread Anywhere, which turns beginner proofreaders into professionals who can earn extra income from anywhere in the world. You can read her full story from Forbes.com here.

Caitlin Pyle’s desire to promote her laptop lifestyle to others has resulted in her founding the Work-At-Home School. Work-At-Home School was described as the non-scammy place to learn REAL SKILLS you can use to EARN REAL money. You’ll get access to a collection of interviews, instructional videos, eBooks, lectures, and all-out e-courses contributed by top instructors from all over the world. You can read that full review by One Fine Wallet blog here. While you are there, subscribe to their blog. It’s pretty awesome.

I hope you realize that getting fired is not all fire and brimstone nor is it all rainbows and unicorns. Getting fired can lead you to new opportunities. It is what you make it. It is an opportunity to pivot. Please pivot responsibly.

Have a Great Day!

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