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Oh, Rats! It’s National Superheroes Day



As a blogger, influencer, artist, and writer, I work from home. When I first started dabbling with my fun entertainment brand, The Hollywood Rats! I never intended my rats to be superheroes. I thought the superhero genre was a little overdone.


When I started to focus in on drawing these original images of my rat characters into the non-profit Operation Cheesy Medicine books I write with terminally ill children, I had one mom send me a little note to says thanks for spending time by the bedside of her terminally ill son and most importantly helping him fulfill a wish of writing a book. She said, “Wow, Mr. Brick your little rats are like superheroes. Because of you and your Hollywood Rats, my son died as a published author instead of a cancer victim!” It was like Oprah Winfrey was right there giving me a personal Aha Moment.


Now I get more requests for the brand as superheroes instead of them as plain rats. But that is a-okay with me. I guess I need to focus on what everyone wanted, not just what I wanted. #LessonLearned

Have a great day!


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