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Is The United States of America Still the Greatest Country on Earth?

American grunge flag. Vector illustration.

If you have to ask Google the question,  is the United States of America still the greatest country on Earth, then you are most likely living in a cave and have a goat as the family pet.. until he gets too fat, then he is dinner. Yes, despite EVERYTHING going on around the world right now, America is still the greatest country on Earth, and here’s why:

It doesn’t matter which political team you belong to, you must admit we all have it pretty good here on the home team, #TeamAmerica. You could be a supporter of the Democrat team or the Republican team, the red team, the blue team, or now even the green team.

It’s all about siding up and being on a team. We want to find our tribe! The fact that people are sneaking into our country is a sign that we all have it pretty good here. You don’t hear about people wanting to sneak into Turkey, Istanbul, or even Canada.

Some of the great things that Americans are proud to have invented or call their own are; Chicken Biscuits from Chick-Fil-A, The Big Mac, Chili Cheese Fries (no beans please, see above). We can n to forget American sports. Even if you don’t live in America, you still root for your favorite team. Mr. Brick is a bit of a baseball buff and roots solely for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Technology is another great American invention that takes a team effort to build. The Internet, although Al Gore claims he invented it, actually a team of people did. Sorry, Al.

Television, Electricity, GPS, and way too many other great inventions to list all came from Team America. My friends over at have written a great post on the greatest American inventions of all time. Read it here.

Were Not Proud of Everything in America

Our country has many things that we most Americans are not proud of, like; Kanye, The Kardashian Family, The Jenner Family, MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, Cockroaches, Michael Moore, Chili with Beans, C-Span, Bill DeBlasio, Comcast/Infinity Customer Service, and almost any American food eaten by Andrew Zimmern. Yes, the dude eats bull balls!

So, yes, The United States of America is the greatest country in the world.

Have a great day!


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