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The Magic of You


Some of my blog readers might not know that I absolutely love magic. It’s always fascinated me. My love for the magical arts can be traced to me as a fat, bespectacled, 6th grader at Adams Elementary in Spokane, Washington. I know those exact details because there were two of us! Yep, my twin brother and I had our own business card printed for our bag of tricks. This scan is of an actual old business card that I found when I was going through Nana Brick’s belongings after she passed away.

The business card is very basic. Stock clip art and contact info. But, as a twelve-year-old entrepreneur, I didn’t know anything about marketing. In fact, at that age, I thought “marketing” meant going to the Piggly Wiggly supermarket to purchase Cheetos, Sour Patch Kid candy, and some Diet Coke.

My love for magic continued throughout much of my adult life and allowed me to travel all over the world performing it. (Ask me sometime about the experience performing magic on the QEII cruise ship!) My love of magic also gave me the opportunity when I was a talent agent to Co-Executive Produce, MadCap Magic, a television series with one of my clients, Larry Wilson. Imagine, to live in Las Vegas, Executive Produce a television series, and be paid a King’s Ransom to do what you love!! Woot Woot!. That is #Winning. That is what happens after finding the magic (pun intended) of you!

You can read the enthusiasm I have for magic. It is also the very first step I have in Mr. Brick’s MYOB course. We are all very different. (Sounds funny coming from an identical twin, I know) But the one thing that makes us all so different is our own “MAGIC.” Once you can embrace what your magic is, the quicker you can lead the life you want to live. As you know, I freakin’ love food. Cook me dinner and I’m your slave!! So, to use a food analogy in what I’m trying to say is… “What is your Secret Sauce (SS)?” What ingredients are in your DNA that no one else has. That is your Magic.

You can take a Briggs Myers test to find out your personality type. This might let you know what kind of career is suited for your kind of personality. That is good but it is not the only ingredient in your secret sauce that makes you who you are. As you know, the Briggs Myers Type Indicator Test spits out one of 16 different four-letter combinations that signify your personality types…

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 12.40.47 PM

When I took the test I had to retake it several times as the results repeatedly came back as O-WTF.

So as you start venturing out after the mandate isolation we are all current in, I hope you can start making a list of the ingredients for your own SS that is the Magic of you. You can start by reading my post on how to find your favorite jam which helps you make a written list of those ingredients for your secret sauce.

Have a great day!


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