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Are You Loving Your Jam?

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Mr. Brick, we know you like food, but what the heck does telling you the flavor of my fav jam have to do with me running my business?” – Anonymous Blog Reader #142,878

I have not lost my mind. It’s not all of this imposed self-isolation from our crazy world that has me creeping back in posting about fruity preserves, or stuff that doesn’t matter to anyone but myself.  This is not a foodie blog post. Sorry, not sorry.

I’m talking about the 2020 meaning of the word Jam.

Yes, the word originally referred to one of three things

  1. Your favorite song
  2. Your favorite sugary bread spread for toast
  3. The sticky stuff in between toes (Gross!)

Now in 2020 the word has taken on a whole new meaning that refers to something that a person likes a lot, approves of strongly, or enjoys doing. So, what is your jam?

We all need to know this in order to make our life the best possible life for us. You know, the life that you were placed here on earth to live. Example:

You want to be a hip-hop DJ. You wanna do it old school, and be on the radio, or have your own iHeart hip-hop station. Most likely you’re not going to be the person who is drowning their sorrows at the local country bar, listening to twangy music about a dog, a truck and a broken heart. You’re NOT hanging out there because that’s NOT your jam!

You spend hours and hours in your downtime binge-watching your favorite reality series, because, well… that’s YOUR jam! It’s your life don’t let those haters tell you you’re wasting your time. We all need to indulge in our own guilty pleasures. That is what gives us a well-balanced life.

To help you find your favorite jam, try making your own personal inventory takeaway (PIT). Take a sheet of paper and fold it into four squares:

Label the top left square:  Things I Love to Do

Mr. Brick’s Example:  Eating Chilli Cheese Fries

Label the top left square:  Things I Hate to Do

Mr. Brick’s Example:  Pulling Weeds

Label the bottom left square: Assets I Have

Mr. Brick’s Example:  A Collection of my Nana’s Antique Blue Willow China 

Label the top left square:  Liabilities I Have

Mr. Brick’s Example:  I’m Clumsy AF

For this, I listed just one example, however, on your own PIT, you’ll need to list multiple examples. Sometimes to complete this we might tend to want to ask a spouse or BFF for their answers. But, do not do that. this is your Personal Inventory Takeaway, not “What-My-Friends-think-of-me-Inventory-Takeaway.  Back to MY example…

I love to eat chili cheese fries but hate pulling weeds. I have a collection of porcelain dishes from my dead grandmother and I’m super awkward and tend to drop things. Based on this “inside” information about my life, which one of the following has been of my favorite Jams?

  1. Working in the garden
  2. Juggling knives for the circus
  3. Developing a Foodie Fun Fact Calendar of Food Holidays
  4. Flipping Antique Porcelain on eBay

Now that you know a little bit about me, you know that the answer MUST be #3. Yes, it could have been #4, but due to my liability of being super clumsy, Nana Brick’s Blue old dishes are best kept in a warehouse far, far away from my clumsy hands. LOL.

So, now that we know that your favorite jam isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

Have a great day.


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