That Time I used The F Word at Work


I’m pretty sure this might qualify as bait and click because we might be thinking of different “F” words.  I’m not talking about talking THAT  F word. I’m talking about the F word,  FREEDOM.

What, wait… hang on. Allow me to explain.

It was the one and only job where I had an actual supervisor that I reported to. The company was based in Spokane, Washington. They sold educational travel. It was an amazing product that I really believed in. They traveled junior high school and high school students to countries all over the world to learn about different cultures and have experiences outside of their own back yard. The best thing is the students also received  AP credits for their experience. Anytime a person has an opportunity to travel to a different part of the world they should take advantage of it. It really opens your eyes to the differences, yet the similarities in all of us.

My sales territory was the East Coast. My efforts brought in millions of dollars for the company each year. I traveled about 300 days of the year. I loved it. That is, when I was on the road doing my sales presentations in front of  200 – 1000 people at a time,. At times I feel like I was born to be on a stage!

Certain times of the year I had to come back to the World Headquarters for planning meetings and team meetings, best practice seminars, and training. That’s the job wasn’t so fun and that is when I ran into some trouble. Other than myself, there were 7 other National Program Directors. When we were all together in Spokane for these meetings we were loud, obnoxious and most likely objects of extreme jealousy! all 8 of us traveled all over the world (First Class, might I add) and the rest of the 350 employees had 9-5, Monday through Friday, call-center type positions. So, when we talked bragged about our latest trip to New Zeland or the jammed packed 1500 person sales presentation one of us held at the Long Island Marriott we were not making any friends with the rest of the company.

After I had been at the company for 5 years and had made them likely 50 million dollars in sales I was surprised by my supervisor who called me into the HR office one day. It turns out that I had been reported dropping the “F” bomb in the office way three times in one day, and it caused a disruption in the workplace. Yes. I was reported to HR for talking about how much FREEDOM I had in my position as a National Program Director and how much I enjoyed my FREEDOM traveling all over the world. I Mentioned I had so much FREEDOM it didn’t seem like I had a job at all.  I wasn’t bragging, I was being factual.

I was also FIRED.

Needless to say, in the State of Washington, unless stated otherwise by a union or by a contract, all employees are At-Will employees. This means anyone can be fired at any time, for any reason. And I was.

Unfair, right? I, know. It still stings after all of these years. like I said, that was the only time I had a job where I had a supervisor. I went back to being an independent contractor and have never looked back.


Are you one “F” bomb away from getting fired? Or, let’s put it this way… do you hate your job, and want real FREEDOM?

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Be safe.


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