The Magic of Toilet Paper

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Did you ever think seeing toilet paper would make you smile? It’s something many of us take for granted… well we used to.

The hoarding of toilet paper has caused panic in some people who need it but now can’t find any on store shelves. You can see it in their eyes and in that little I-Need-Toilet-Paper dance, they do when they reach the paper products aisle only to find empty shelves. I still do not understand the motivation when I see a person leaving the local Piggly Wiggly with 3 jumbo packs of 48 rolls of toilet paper. That’s 144 rolls of toilet paper. Unless you are only eating Taco Bell. But then again, Mr. Brick eats at Taco Bell every day, and I don’t need 144 rolls of toilet paper. 144 rolls?…that’s just plain hoarding.

I have always thought 5-star resorts have the right attitude towards toilet paper. Have you stayed in a resort and used your bathroom? Not only do they have really frilly miniature bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, they also have given extra thought to the toilet paper. It’s a high-quality toilet paper. Their toilet paper is also displayed as if it is something special.

folder toilet paper

When I use a bathroom in someone’s house,  before I leave the bathroom, I fold the toilet paper like in this picture. It’s a little thing, but there’s something magical about doing a small gesture like this without any fanfare. when the homeowner or the next guest uses the bathroom it makes them feel special… like they are in a resort. Again, it’s a simple gesture that doesn’t cost anyone any money, but it can make the next person feel special. Pay it forward.

While we are in the bathroom, let’s talk about a really cool non-profit organization that is helping make this a better planet. Founded in 2009, Clean the World is a nonprofit organization that recycles used soaps, lotions, and other toiletries from hotels. Its partners include Hilton, Marriott, and Walt Disney World Resorts, among others. Based in Orlando, (Yes, Mr. Brick is NOT the ONLY good thing in Orlando!) I personally volunteered one day at CTW and I must say, as fulfilling as it was, it was still pretty gross. Huge Volkswagon sized boxes are filled with used bottles of lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap from hotels and then the volunteers sort into boxes based on product. It is then taken and recycled into products for people in need in 127 countries.

Now that most of my followers all over the world are likely housebound, here’s a flashback to a fun episode of FRIENDS that deals with the shenanigans that happen when Chandler and Ross try to get extra free toiletries while staying at a fancy pants hotel. To watch that episode Click Here.

Be safe. Have a great day!

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