Pajama Pants are NOT Yoga Pants!

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The new reality that many of us are now working from home brings up a huge fashion issue that has been plaguing Mr. Brick for years. Why do girls leave their house and venture out in public wearing pajama pants? Hello… pajama pants are NOT yoga pants. I’m a typical guy, I like seeing a pretty girl wearing her yoga pants in public. Some girls obviously wear them better than others. In 2020, yoga pants are what sweat pants were to Mr. Brick’s generation. Even back then it was acceptable for girls to wear sweat pants in public, wearing their pajamas in public was considered taboo. Do you remember back in 2015 and the controversy heard around the world when, Ryan Gosling’s wife-then-girlfriend, Eva Mendes, commented that sweatpants are the “number one cause of divorce.” 

I would like to take this time to openly undress address the Eva Mendseses of the world who share the controversial opinion that if ladies want to keep their man happy, they should not wear yoga pants. Actually, I think the number one cause of divorce in America is that some bitch can’t cook, but that’s another can of worms, for another blog post.

To Eva, Eva, Eva, my little Cuban/Florida actress friend, sweatpants and yoga pants are hot! When I was in Los Angeles, and hiking Runyon Canyon, yoga pants and sweatpants were the go-to attire for all of the really hot California girls in the know. Now, that I’m in Orlando, my daily exercise is walking around famed Lake Eola. Mr. Brick is a single guy who fancies himself as someone who has his chili-cheese fries’ covered fingers on the pulse of fashion. I know it is when a girl (or guy) wears pajama pants in public is what is really ruining the fabric of our great nation, not cute girls rocking yoga pants. Note: I said, “in public”. In the confines of your own home or private sleeping chambers, then pajama pants are perfectly fine. Yes, many girls rock it wearing pajama pants… just not in public. Pajama pants and pajama pants alone are the leading cause of divorce in our great nation, not yoga pants.

At first, the whole “pajama pants craze” was cute. You’d be at Wal-Mart, getting some air freshener and toilet paper after last night’s taco party, and you’d see someone wearing their pajama pants getting bacon and a dozen eggs. Or maybe, late at night, you’d have to make a quick run to Walgreens to get some condoms shampoo and there would be someone wearing pajama pants standing in line in front of you. That is where the cuteness of pajama pants ended. I should note that I recently did an unscientific poll. I found that women who can rock yoga pants, or rolled up sweatpants, usually wear them in public. However, girls who just can’t seem to say no to the all you can eat Chocolate fountain at the local Golden Corral, wear pajama pants in public. (Insert your favorite trailer park joke here)

It is plain laziness when you see someone wearing their pajama pants at the airport to board a flight. I get it, they’re comfortable. But, so are my MC Hammer parachute pants from the 1980s, but they are not appropriate to be seen by everyone in public, especially since I have put on a couple of pounds they are a scootch tight in the crotch. No one wants to see that.

Then there is the flagrant display of pajama pants on Christmas day, where everyone is out and about wearing their newly gifted Christmas themed pajama pants. You’ve seen them, the pajama pants with dancing reindeer, Christmas trees, or candy canes, on them. I think Christmas pajama pants in public are much more of an eyesore than the ugly Christmas sweaters.

So,  girls please do not instigate a divorce. Click here to get your new Yoga Pants And, if you promise (you must pinky swear with Mr. Brick) not to wear them outside of the house, you can click here to get new Pajama Pants

Have a great day.

Mr. Brick

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