How Working at Home Can Be Fun


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So, you now have to work from home. Your kid’s school classes have been canceled because of the Coronavirus. Now, you’re logging onto your company’s remote worksite as your little curtain climbers are touching their orange cheese-doodled fingers on all of your paperwork. Despite the greasy strained circumstances, let Mr. Brick be the very first person to congratulate you! Yes, congratulate you, this is a good thing. However, this really depends on how you look at things. If you are a Negative Nancy then this virus is the end of the world as we know it. I prefer to always look at things with an optimistic approach, no matter what the circumstances are. We must realize that although we’re forced to change our typical daily routines, this is not personal… and I don’t think it’s the end of the world. It’s not always all about you (or me). Hopefully, you can take this optimistic approach too.

In this post, I will show you how to turn this negative situation into fun or into an opportunity to have a better life. Yup, this opportunity could actually be a blessing for you. Did you know there is an entire “Work From Home” movement? Yup, it’s also called the laptop lifestyle. You can work from home, or while you are at the local Piggly Wiggly getting a new supply of Cheese Doodles, Mac and Cheese, and frozen corn dogs for your homebound kiddos.

Read A Book – If you’re kinda digging the idea of working at home, read the definitive Work at Home book written by Caitlin Pyle. Many people need a huge jolt, like what is happening now, to do something they really want to do. Caitlin’s jolt was when she was fired from her job proofreading court transcripts. She turned that negative into a positive by forming her own proofreading company. Pyle then used her knowledge of how to successfully work from home as a proofreader into a multimillion-dollar business. Read Caitlin Pyle’s book, Work at Home by clicking on the link.

Create an Award-Winning Recipe – In between spreadsheets and conference calls head to the kitchen. Did you know some baking/cooking contests offer prizes for submitting an award-winning recipe? It’s also true that Mr. Brick has an apron and isn’t afraid to use it. Let’s just say I know good buns from bad ones. Have your family take this time being homebound to whip something up in the kitchen that makes your family say hmmm. When you find that award-winning culinary idea, submit it. Maybe you are saying, Mr. Brick, I do not know the difference between a whisk and a colander. Well, I’ve got my Nana Brick’s Top Secret Recipe book for my inspiration, maybe you have something like that, too. Enter a contest and submit your award-winning recipe by clicking on the link.

Binge Watch Your Favorite TV Series – Even though you are now working from home that doesn’t mean you are working 24/7. You need to take a break and catch up on your own life. You can’t go to restaurants or bars, so you might as well make some popcorn and binge-watch your favorite TV series. You can broaden your horizon and start binging on series you have never heard of. This is easy by getting an Amazon Prime membership.

Write a Blog – I know you think Mr. Brick has a magical computer that spits out this comedy gold day after day. Not true. I work at it. The good news is that if someone as densely dim-witted at myself can do it, you can, too. The best tool is by having a solid hosting platform to start with. I use Bluehost as my hosting site. I have a plan where I can host up to 80- websites on my plan. So, if I get an itch to be a Virtual Assistant for others with their blog, I can do it here in my loft. You can find Bluehost by clicking on the link BlueHost

So, these are only four fun ways to have fun working from home or how to get started working from home. There are many more. I have pretty much been homebound for 15 years. The idea of having to get up, driving to an office, and working day-to-day for the man makes me shutter. I think you will now also enjoy being at home. Enjoy.


Have a fun day!

Mr. Brick

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