Why You Should Ask the Boss for Amazon Prime Instead of a Raise


It sounds like a bad joke, asking your boss for an Amazon Prime gift membership instead of a raise, but it’s not. You might think Mr. Brick has lost his marbles, and yes, I’m dipping back into the late 1970s with this phrase, but it’s really a win-win for you as the employee and for the Bossman. Allow me to explain…

With the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, many companies have put their hiring and employee raises on hold. Events like business meetings and conventions are getting canceled left and right. So, it’s unlikely you would get a raise due to the uncertainty in the world right now. Even if you asked kindly, it. most likely is not going to happen. But expanding company goodwill hasn’t left the building yet. You might be lucky enough to work from home. Even more, reason asking for a benefit that you would use every day instead of a raise might be the right thing to do. Now many companies are allowing more and more employees to work remotely to eliminate the risk of having large populations working side by side. Read what a neuroscience giant did about this, here Biogen, Inc. Also, Buzzfeed has a great take on working from home, read here. So, as the Bossman is sweating his bad toupee off with worry about what to do with the virus, you walk into his big swanky corner office with an inexpensive solution to his problem:


  1. Mr. Bossman, I  don’t want a raise, I want an Amazon Prime Gift membership!
  2. Mr. Bossman, I don’t want to spread any unnecessary germs to you (fake cough cough).  So, I want to volunteer to work remotely from home.

BM: Done Deal!

My annual Amazon Prime a standard membership costs me $119 per year. If I was a student an annual Amazon Prime Student membership would cost me only $59 per year. Dang, I knew I should have held onto my Student ID. Do not focus on the fact that you’re not getting a raise, instead think of the extra time you will now have working from home. I do. I love not having to get up and going into an office cesspool full of bacteria and germs (and deadly viruses). One of the many perks of Amazon Prime is the fast free shipping. However, with all good things comes, some not so good things. There have been news reports from CNBC that Amazon customers are saying the normal speedy delivery service that is an Amazon Prime trademark might have some slight delays due to the surge of online shopping. People are staying at home and shopping online instead of risking catching something icky at the local Piggly Wiggly.

HOMEWORK: On Monday morning, march into the BM’s office and say, Mr. Brick, sent me on a mission to save the company! You’re welcome, Bossman.

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Have a great Sunday!

Mr. Brick

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