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Oh, The Rat Race


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Are you tired of working for the “Man”? You’re helping him get rich, while you barely scrape together enough money each month to keep whiskey in the house to be able to get up each morning to see his sorry ass drive up in that spanking new, cherry-red corvette with vanity plates that read, “Da Man.” Meanwhile, your 2005 Ford Taurus’ odometer just flipped 100,000 miles for the third time. What’s wrong with this picture? Hint: Look in the mirror. It’s you. I know. It might be hard to believe it but several years ago your witty little friend, Mr. Brick, was the one doing the self-reflection. I didn’t like what I saw. Oh, it’s not that I’m ugly, it’s that I saw someone brimming with potential, but who wasn’t using it because they were worn out. I was stuck in what we all refer to as, the Rat Race.

I decided to use what I didn’t like and make it work for me, and it did. I always wanted to write children’s books. Which is odd because I think most kids are annoying AF. But I don’t blame the little snot noses, I blame their parents. But the blame game is another blog for another time.

I didn’t know squat about writing a book, let alone know how to get it published. However, I had the desire. I didn’t want to see that worn-out reflection of myself ever again. I decided to call my venture The Hollywood Rats! After being a talent agent in Hollywood for almost 30 years, I met a lot of rats. Hence the name. I took my God-given talents of drawing and lying, I mean drawing and “storytelling”  and never looked back.

I am proud to say I have now published five Hollywood Rats! children’s picture books which you can buy on Amazon.com click
If I can do it, so can you. Anything is better than working for the man in the steel cage of the rat race.

Did you know that you can also buy some super cool Rat Swag featuring your favorite Hollywood Rat character by going to their cheesy rat hole on zazzle.com You can click here?

Wow. Two posts in one day. That’s because I have. a lot to say. Hopefully some of it you will even want to hear.  Buckle down and get out of the rat race. you are not a part of their machine. Can you tell I’ve been listening to Imagine Dragons? Imagine Dragons, the band. and their music, not Imaginary Dragons that you listen to after a really bad LSD trip.

Have a great day!


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