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Did you know that Halloween is one of Mr. Brick’s favorite holidays, next to April Fool’s day, Christmas, Easter, President’s Day, and Kwanza. However, Halloween is different than the other holidays. It is time to help embrace your inner demon. When October rolls around you can celebrate with a little salute to 7 classic horror films.

One of my friends, yes, I do have friends, Brian Pocrass has a company called 22 Vision. 22 Vision is a production company, that celebrates film, television, and pop-culture through unique, innovative projects. They have created some of the best reunions of classic television cast members in recent memories. Here is a link to their YouTube channel. 

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Their latest project is #KidsOfHorror.  For this project, they have taken Baylie & Rylie Cregut who played Hope on FOX’s Raising Hope, and are celebrating iconic “scary children” characters from 7 classic horror films!

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Here is a trailer for the project:

You can see the complete fabulous behind the scenes video of this wonderful photoshoot here.

Have a great Tuesday.

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