Work at Home Boundaries


I don’t even have to ask if you are working from home.

Gone are the days of my Papa and Nana Brick who both worked for one company their entire lives. They both got gold watches and handshakes from their Bossmen when they retired. Now, every evening they watch the sunset on their front porch in The Villages reading a newspaper while their circa 1996  flip phones sit idly by their side. #Boring. (Sorry, Papa and Nana)

They live like this because that generation did not have opportunities like we all have today. With technology, (flip phones included) you can work wherever you want, to do whatever you want. Read between the lines of what I just said… you can be your own Bossman. #Winning

The image on today’s blog is from a brand I created called Hollywood Rats! This “forced” downtime has given me paws, I mean pause, to dust it off and make it a worldwide brand like I originally intended it to be. Click on this link to like to their new Facebook Page.

The way the world is reacting to the current situation is almost like handing you a gift from above. This is an opportunity to live the life you wanted to live but perhaps was too scared to make changes to make it happen. Turn this negative into a positive to give you the life you deserve. To be successful Working At Home (WAH) you must set boundaries. Here are Mr. Brick’s top 10 boundaries or rules you should consider while WAH:

  1. Do not drink wine and text your boss, your new clients, your pastor, your Ex, or anyone who might remember you in their will.
  2. Shower and shave every day. This should apply to all men and to the appropriate women.
  3. Stay away from the HGTV channel. It’s like virtual crack. There’s no known rehab for someone with an HGTV addiction.
  4. Social distance yourself from your refrigerator, pantry and candy jar.
  5. Dressing your dog up in silly clothes or posting cat pictures on Instagram should not be considered part of your WAH guidelines.
  6. Counting the number of Cheez-It crackers that are in a 16 oz box is not an appropriate WAH activity. BTW, the answer is 384. You’re welcome.
  7. Swiping left or right on any app… not appropriate.
  8. Going to your mailbox in your pajama pants? Don’t even get me started. No.
  9. Doing a home remodel project while working at home?  No. See rule #3.


So, there you go. I hope this helps. Welcome to the laptop lifestyle.

Embrace. Enjoy. Experiment.

Have a great day!!


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