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Why Body Cameras Are Effective

Do you want to take a picture?

The recent years there has not been a shortage of national news stories about installing body cameras on police officers. Ironically, the biggest noisemakers on the subjects are the ones who go deadly silent whenever the body camera (or any video) shows that the police acted correctly and, in fact, were fearful of their life. In those cases, body cameras are a great idea. If a body camera catches a police officer misbehaving, then again, good for having police wearing body cameras. But you just don’t hear about body cameras catching cops doing bad things very often, do you?

It made me wonder why we should stop with putting body cameras on police officers. Why not put body cameras on everyone while they work. Since people wearing a camera might not act up, perhaps we have just solved the low productivity problem from so many lackluster workers (read: millennials and generation X-er’s).

NASCAR is using body cameras to an extent. Not only do they have cameras on some drivers, their helmets have cameras, the roll bars in the cars have cameras, there are cameras attached to the outside of the cars, etc, they also have extensive cameras everywhere on pit row. It someone jumps over the wall a fraction of a second too early, it triggers a review by a NASCAR official, who would dole out a penalty if an infraction has occurred. Having so many cameras in NASCAR races adds excitement for the viewer. However, yesterday’s Daytona 500 crash on the last lap that sent Ryan Newman’s car airborne was not something pleasant to see on a video. Now, as a result of having body cameras and cameras everywhere, we will see that crash over and over. So let me show it to you here.

Casinos also use extensive cameras to catch cheaters. I think we all understand why casinos are so camera happy.

But, why should we just stop with casinos, police officers, and NASCAR? We shouldn’t. I have done my research and decided on a number of occupations that need to install body cameras ASAP. I’ve also added reasons why these occupations needed the additional scrutiny of body cameras. Enjoy!

Pastry Chefs, Bakers, and Donut Makers – Have you ever seen a skinny baker? No, it’s like a food industry oxymoron. These individuals need to be held accountable. They all have a fat ass for a reason… and it’s because they are always eating their handiwork. Attaching a body camera to their aprons strings would be gross, but also very revealing.

Fast Food Workers – At one time it was fast food. Now, it is more like, WheneverWeGetAround-to-it Food. I think attaching a body camera to the pimply-faced teen who puts your french fries into the bag upside down and then slams your triple-decker, melty, cheeseburger on top of it should be held just as accountable as a police officer. #FastFoodCustomer’sLives Matter

Spectrum Customer Service Representatives – Have you ever tried to reason with these idiots? They say and do whatever they want because most of us do not have a choice. Imagine if everyone who answered the phone in the call center at Spectrum had a body camera that not only recorded the conversation but also recorded video of the representative answering their customers’ questions. Imagine how many eye rolls, rude hand gestures, and outlandish sighs would be caught on camera. If you have never had the pleasure of being disrespected by someone in a foreign country with little grasp of the English language explaining your local $398.67 a month cable bill to you, well then I welcome you to give it a try. You certainly will never feel good about yourself again.

Lawyers and Attorneys – Self-explanatory.

Postal Workers – If we put body cameras on all US Postal Workers, I bet with 10 minutes of watching all of that footage from any given day we would understand why, according to website, the post office is on track to lose $19 billion dollars! Think about this… that is $19 million dollars a day. That’s like Oprah money!!!

Trick-or-Treaters – If we made it a law that all trick-or-treaters had to wear body cameras on Halloween, it would hopefully stop greedy parents who also grab a treat or two for themselves. NOTE TO THOSE PARENTS: Hey Asshole, The Candy Is For The Kids, Not You!

TV Weather Forecasters – Remember that picnic afternoon or wedding night that the weather forecaster predicted there would have perfect weather? Well, when you woke up you found it was raining cats and dogs. Despite they had a 50% chance of getting it right, but on many times, on special days you are counting on them to be right, they are so wrong. By having them wear body cameras, it would make them accountable to people who have planned events around what they said.  I think that body camera video should be admissible in a court of law.

School Teachers – Remember when your cranky, old, 3rd-grade school teacher reprimanded the entire class for not finishing an assignment she never assigned? Well, body cameras would eliminate the forgetful teacher from forgetting to assign homework they expect due the next day.

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Mr. Brick

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