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11 Ways to Legally Get Some of Bill Gates’ Money

Bill Gates is the most generous man on the planet. Bill Gates is one of the most generous men on the planet.

It doesn’t matter if you like him or hate him you still must admit, we’re all financially better off because of him. But enough about President Trump!! I’m here to talk about Bill Gates. Mr. Gates to you and me has donated the estimated $36 billion to his foundation, the Gates Foundation and yet, he still remains one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of $106 billion. So for the pocket calculator math nerds, let me break that down for you… in 2019 Mr. Gates made $1.37 million an hour, and that’s a paltry $32.8 million a day.  His legacy company, Microsoft is the world’s #3 brand, behind Apple and Google remains one of the largest brands on the planet that employs 131,000 and has a market value of $946.5 billion.

What is amazing is that Bill Gates has given away 40% of his net worth, on the way to 50% is understandably in the highest tax bracket on earth (estimated to pay about $20 billion in taxes annually) and has pledged that when he dies he will donate 1/2 of his estate to charity, through The Giving Pledge. Who else has been as charitable as Bill Gates?  Well, Mr. Brick did a little sleuthing and found out some side information on other celebrities and what they will be doing with their vast fortunes upon their untimely demise. None of them even come close.

So you want to get some of Bill’s loot? Here are some of the scams  business proposals I other people could cook up develop to try to get my their hands on some of Bill Gate’s money:

  1. Create a GoFundMe campaign to find Amelia Earhart’s body. Earhart disappeared on July 2, 1937. She was an American aviation pioneer and author. Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Once Earhardt’s body is found,   donate her brain and study against a generic man’s brain to see the similarity in their brave waves in the part of the brain that doesn’t ask for directions.
  2. Start a Kickstarter campaign to build a better mousetrap. That’s it, just build a better mousetrap.
  3. Initiate a GiveForward campaign to raise money for the unfortunate illiterate people who can’t read or count and stand in line at the Piggly Wiggly with 87 items in their cart in a 15-items-or-less line at 5:00pm.
  4. Create an Indiegogo campaign to try to find a record deal for that new guy, Paul McCartney, who was featured on Kanye West’s latest single, Only One. Details here.
  5. Create a RocketHub campaign to develop Big Tweet, a new online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 142-character messages called “big tweets.” Registered users can read and post big tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. This service allows users to send messages 7% longer than on Twitter’s paltry 140-character messages.
  6. Start a CrowdRise campaign that would create a nationwide map that highlights houses that leave up their Christmas lights all year long. So next time July when you take the family to Disneyworld in Orlando, you can check out the map as go see Christmas lights you have never seen before. Yes, Virginia, it’s like Christmas in July.  
  7. Start a Somolend funding stream for a new business that creates a line of fish tasting flavored bubblegum. The first 3 flavors could be; Tuna, Cod, and Shrimp.
  8. Create an appbackr campaign to create a new app that can locate money that is lying on the ground. Unlike a metal detector, this app will only send an alert when it finds $5.00 bills or larger. $1.00 bills? Why even bother.
  9. Start anAngelList to source funding from various Angel investors to create a plastic device that could be checked out at casinos that strap onto your body and allows you to sit at one slot machine for 63-straight hours without needing to get up and go to the restroom. This device would be emptied from time to time, just like the ashtrays.
  10. Create a Quirky campaign to start a Kardashian awareness campaign in every junior and senior high school.  Role models like the Kardashians rarely come along, and because there is not an infinite number of them to keep up with, the Kardashian awareness program will allow future talented, classless girls to aspire to become talented, classless girls who become zillionaires.
  11. Start an InvestedIn campaign where investors have an opportunity for the sloppy seconds of chum that the Shark Tank sharks don’t bid on. A small waiting room just outside the studio where the Shark Tank films their highly successful TV series would hold highly eager shark wannabe investors feast on deals the Sharks let getaway.

There you go. 11 brilliant ideas for Bill Gates to give you money on this beautiful day.


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