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Top Warning Signs You Might Be Addicted To Diet Coke

Time to get help Time to get help

My name is Mr. Brick and I am a Diet Coke addict. (blog crowd all in unison: “Hello Mr. Brick”)

I am the first to admit that, I have a problem. A problem that is most likely to go untreated by me or any Diet Coke rehab facility. And for the most part, I am OK with that. I love Diet Coke. I love all five or six 20 oz. bottles of it I drink each and every day. I have had many subtle reminders of my addiction ranging from my family giving me Diet Coke swag for birthday and Christmas gifts to my favorite restaurants serving an ice-cold Diet Coke the minute I walk in the door. Here are the top warning signs that you too might be addicted to Diet Coke.

  • You call Domino’s and order a Diet Coke for delivery, but no pizza.
  • You don’t care, you will drink a Diet Coke from Bill Cosby anyway!
  • You ask your dentist for Diet Coke flavored dental floss.
  • You accidentally fill your little kid’s sippy cup with Diet Coke.
  • You name your new kitten, DC for Diet Coke (or is it, damn cat?)
  • You tattoo your knuckles with the words Diet Coke (ouch!).
  • You only book flights on airlines that serve Diet Coke and Coke products.
  • Your flask only contains Diet Coke.
  • When you see a sign that says,”No beverages”, you’re pretty sure it doesn’t mean the Diet Coke in your hand.

no-food-or-drink-allowed-printable-sign 2

  • If you must choose between bacon or Diet Coke, you choose Diet Coke. (say it ain’t so)
  • You’ll drink a personalized bottle of Diet Coke even if it doesn’t have your name on it.

personalized diet coke 2

  • You follow Diet Coke on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • You secretly hope Diet Coke does a shout out on social media about this blog post.

UPDATE 2/13/2020 : Mr. Brick has banished Diet Coke from his diet and is trying to maintain a plant-based diet. It’s a radical change that can only be explained in an upcoming fresh new blog.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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