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It’s almost Halloween, Mr. Brick’s favorite holiday, next to April Fool’s day. It is time to help embrace your inner demon and celebrate this holiday with a little salute to 7 classic horror films.

One of my friends, yes, I do have friends, Brian Pocrass has a company called 22 Vision. 22 Vision is a production company, that celebrates film, television, and pop-culture through unique, innovative projects. They have created some of the best reunions of classic television cast members in recent memories. Here is a link to their YouTube channel. 

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Their latest project is #KidsOfHorror.  For this project, they have taken Baylie & Rylie Cregut who played Hope on FOX’s Raising Hope, and are celebrating iconic “scary children” characters from 7 classic horror films!

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Here is a trailer for the project:

You can see the complete fabulous behind the scenes video of this wonderful photoshoot here.

Have a great Halloween.

Mr. Brick

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