Media Bias Caught Red Handed With a Subway Sandwich in Their Hands

These two pictures of Jared Fogle, the former Subway pitchman, exist on the internet. Which one is the media using?

obama fogel 2
Pres. Obama and Fogle (photo credit: Daly Caller)
bush fogel 2
Pres. Bush and Jared Fogle (Photo Credit: Reuters)








Frankly, in their defense, neither guy actually knew what Jared Fogle would do, or was doing. But when the sub sandwich pitchman was arrested on child pornography charges, the picture that emerged the most is the one of Pres. Bush and Fogle. Why is the media exploiting the Bush/Fogle photo and almost ignoring the Obama/Fogle photo?  Yes, the photo of Obama smiling with child pornographer Fogel was taken while Obama was only a senator, the association is the same.

The New York Post did a cover story with a joke about Jared Fogle enjoying a foot long in Jail. (See below)

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.52.46 PM














The New York Post was lambasted by many people for their cover story prison joke, saying that recently President Obama stated that people should stop joking about prison rape. What a perfect time to run the photo of Obama and Fogle… sadly the dots were never connected.

I applaud the New York Post for their humorous cover and I applaud the  Daily Caller for publishing the one photo of Obama and Jared Fogle. Check them out, they truly are not a biased site. Two thumbs up for Daily Caller!!

Have an unbiased day.


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