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Ready To Run For The Whitehouse


OK, here’s the deal.

I’ve been drawing a pack of rat characters for a couple of years under the name of, The Rat Pack of Hollywood. I have released 5 children’s picture books about them. You can find all of my rat books on amazon right here. I have had bigger plans for the brand and I’ve always planned on expanding the brand into a much bigger brand, not just one for children. More of a brand that the whole family can enjoy. I’ve found that my rat characters have universal appeal, across a broad age range. Way beyond just children. Almost all of my T-shirt sales are being sold to young adults, college age and older. I sell a boat load of greeting cards to adults. When I created and sold a, The Rat Pack of Hollywood Foodie wall calendar, it quickly sold out. A Majority of the customers were adults buying it for themselves or another adult. So now is the time to expand the brand into an edgier property.

The idea was inspired by two conversations in one day. I overheard someone at WalMart say, “I hope that rat bastard doesn’t get elected.” “I can’t stand him, he’s such a rat!” So, the idea is all WalMart’s fault.

With all that in mind, I decided to have some fun and dream a little by thinking outside the box with my rats. So, I came up with the idea of having Randoon, one of my most popular rats, run for President in 2016. I mean, how silly is that concept, having a rat as President? (insert your own joke here)

Randoon is running for President (seriously!) He is running unopposed, as a candidate on The Cheese Party (Thank you. Clever, I know.)

There will be a website coming soon with various Vote for Randoon swag. In the meantime, make sure you stay in the loop and follow Randoon on Twitter  @RatPackRandoon  Randoon hopes his Presidential campaign goes viral because he feels the elections aren’t cheesy enough. Feel free to share the hashtags #RandoonForPresident  #RatPresident #TheCheeseParty

This will be fun, and I hope everyone can get into the spirit with me. This is not about Republicans, Democrat or Independents. It’s not about Donald, Hillary, Bernie, Chris, Jeb, Rick or anyone else actually running. It’s about smiling and having a good laugh. I hope to find a cheese sponsor to come on board and have fun with me.  Hello Kraft, Tillamook, Laughing Cow, Kraft Cracker Barrel, Sargento, Borden, American Heritage, Crystal Farms, Kraft Philadelphia, Boar’s Head, and Dutch Farms, to name a few. Kraft Mac and Cheese can get into the spirit by putting Randoon for President on their Mac and Cheese boxes, which can help open a dialogue between children and their parents, about the importance of voting. See, not only will this be fun, it can be educational.

This is a way we can all endure the next 15 months that will most likely be filled with mudslinging, negative political TV ads, and of course plenty of campaign speeches and promises filled with half truths. We might as well enjoy the process with a little cheesy fun, right?

So, jump aboard The Randoon For President campaign train and let’s have some fun.

Have a cheesy day!

Mr. Brick

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