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The 2 Funniest Foodies On The Interweb

maxresdefault 2I tend to eat any food that has A. Cheese on top of it  B. Does not appear on any of the food pyramids C. Has not fallen on the floor or D. Causes cancer in rats. I’m what is known in the foodie community as a junk foodie. I don’t cook or bake, and I think most overpriced restaurants are, you guessed it – overpriced.

I am pretty content with chili cheese fries and a diet coke. I could eat/drink them 24/7. Recently while I was scanning the reader section of blogs that I follow I came across a post on the blog site Opus Zoo News from Australia. You should check out their blog. Some really batshit, crazy, funny stuff.

The most recent blog post from Opus Zoo News that caught my eye was  ‘Intolerable foodie’ tests the Thermomix. It featured a Youtube video from the Australian comedy duo of Kane and Kate testing out a food mixer. Those two are hysterical. I wanted more so I checked out their Youtube page. They have a series on Youtube called The Katering Show. The premise is simple: The journey of a food intolerant and an intolerable foodie.   The blonde, Kate McLennan, is a foodie and the brunette, Kate McCartney, is food intolerant. Together they hysterical demolish the concept of the traditional cooking show. It’s brilliant. It’s fun. It’s groundbreaking.

As a former Hollywood talent agent, I kinda get squishy in my pants when I see so much talent all in one place. Together these girls are a comedic force that needs much wider recognition. I wanna help them out any way I can. You can follow them on all the typical social media outlets:

Explore Katering: thekateringshow.com
Follow Katering: twitter.com/thekateringshow
See Katering: instagram.com/thekateringshow
Like Katering: facebook.com/thekateringshow

Both Kates are talented actresses in addition to both being gifted comediennes. They previously teamed up and made the award-winning comedy, Bleak: The Web Series, where their on-set catering was largely made up of vegetable lasagnas from Costco. Bleak is currently in script development with the ABC, where The Kates hope to turn the show into a full half-hour series. This would be welcomed news considering some of the crap ABC is currently churning out. Can anyone say, “Fresh Off the Boat” or that dreaded, “Modern Family”?

The real foodie of the two is McLennan. The other, as previously mentioned is food intolerant, much like yours truly, Mr. Brick. You can read my much-celebrated blog post about my own food intolerance battle here.

Have a yummy day.

Mr. Brick

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