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Just Pay the Speeding Ticket and Move On

Recently my mind was wandering, my radio was blasting “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson and my stomach was grumbling for a chili cheese dog. Just a typical daily event in my life, but this all occurred while I was driving.

Police Stop

It all happened so fast… (duh, because I was speeding) But there they were… those flashing blue lights in my rearview mirror. Busted. Many things went through my mind at the very second I saw those flashing strobe lights, but fleeing was not one of them. I have watched enough episodes of Cops and I know you’ll never get away.

So I sat like a man and accepted the fact that I was a criminal. I had been charged with driving 7 miles faster than the posted black and white speed limit signs. The gun-toting officer went back to his patrol car and ran my driver’s license against his database of known criminals. There was no match. (I am so lucky that unfortunate incident in the Wal-Mart meat section with that rack of ribs, 5 gallons of barbecue sauce, and a borrowed grill from their sporting goods department was not a criminal act).

When I got the ticket I stared straight forward. I did not want to look into Lucifer’s beady red eyes. I took the ticket from the officer and readjusted my seatbelt and drove away at the proper speed limit. No, I did not thank the officer. I will just suck it up, pay the fine, and move on.

Special Treat Alert: Speaking of Michael Jackson and speed,  if you have never watched the above video of Michael Jackson’s video, Speed Demon, you must watch it. Michael was a total genius. This video was light years ahead of any music video of its time as well as his use of claymation animation.

Slow down and have a great day.

Mr. Brick

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