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You’re So Vain. I Bet You Think This Blog Is About you… Don’t You?

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I sometimes write my blog in third person and sometimes first person, only because I am not a professionally trained blogger. I never went to Blog University. My blog’s posts’ subject matter is all over the map. That’s because I can’t write one blog, only about one subject, because I get bored super easy. One of my blog post might be about nude female mud wrestlers from the Ozark’s (Yes, they were cousins) and the next blog might be about how I once accidentally pawned my dog, Sunny. Calm down, calm down… by law the pawn shop had to give Sunny back if I repaid the money within 90 days, and I did… with interest.

Often I write about the many shenanigans I find myself getting into. Many times, these shenanigans involve a partner in crime (or a witness we never hear from again). From time to time I have been known to blog about the hilarity that ensued when someone else and I did something silly. That’s where my secret desire to be an anonymous blogger comes in.  Since I have a public profile, I always get the dreaded call, text or email asking if that “incident” I blogged about was the same “incident” that involved the inquiring family member or friend. I lie and say absolutely not. Truth be told, of course it is. I am not that bright. As my blog’s “About Me” section says, I can’t make this crap up.

Yes, I have written 6 actual books, (that people pay actual money for)… but I have found writing a blog to be much more intimate than writing a book. I try to be topical in my posts. But more than topical, I always try to bring a smile to my reader’s face. And yes, my family and friend’s interaction with me might be part of the collateral damage of writing a funny blog. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

So yeah, this blog IS about you.

Have a great day.

Mr. Brick

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