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Don’t Even Think Of Posting on Social Media At This Time. Ever.

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This infographic really caught my eye and it should catch your eyes too.

Why spend all of your creative mojo on a blog or wring a funny ass 140 character tweet when no one will see it? That’s like buying a box of Cracker Jack and not getting the toy surprise.  The real pay off of posting social media is getting a like, follower, retweet or the holy grail of blogging, Freshly Pressed.

So, yes, post this little diddy  (who’s you’re diddy) by your computer and before you hit the send button, check the time. Most social media sites allow you to scheduled the delivery time of your posts. And as great as it is, this infographic managed to miss a few other social media dead zones. Luckily, you are one of the cool kids and read Mr. Brick’s blog. Now you will know the delivery times that can land your social media into a dead zone and here are Mr. Brick’s blog you’ll learn top social media topics that will land your post into the dead zone:

Back Hair – Not only is it gross, it’s not even remotely funny

Bullying – There’s just no reason to bully another person. Post that crap, you’ll lose followers, likes and retweets

Skid Marks – These are best left in little boy’s underpants, not in social media posts

Snakes and Spiders – there is just no reason for either of these. Post a hairy assed spider on your twitter feed and you lose

Toe Jam – Ewww, no one wants to hear it, see it or smell it. Ever.

Lazy Eyes – Mr Brick has one, and so does Paris Hilton… so please no lazy eye posts or tweets

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Even Think Of Posting on Social Media At This Time. Ever.

  1. That image is like an acupressure chart for time wasting pressure points. Happily, I use none of them so my day is filled with actual live humans that hug me back.

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