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The Best Seahawks Videos This Side Of Youtube

This is not Mr. Brick
Beast Mode Comes in Many Colors

I never was an athletic supporter. I once wore one, as a joke, on Halloween… but that’s another blog, for another time. Something happened to Mr. Brick in the last 12 months or so. I caught a disease. It’s called Seahawks fever. It is contagious. It is not for the faint of heart. I have almost died of a heart attack several times watching this great football team play. It is intense, to say the least.

The symptoms were atypical at first. I caught myself watching the last few seconds of a Seattle Seahawks’ football game, two weeks in a row. I started noticing that I was proud to wear a size 12 shoe. (insert your own crude joke here)  There is something magical about the number 12 in this part of the country.  And then it happened. I started wearing Seahawks colors on game day. Me and millions of other ‘hawk fans as they are called in the Pacific Northwest deck themselves out in Wolf Gray, College Navy or Action Green on game day. I am Mr. Brick, and I am a Seattle Seahawks fan.

There I said it. I am a full-fledged Seattle Seahawks fan. To celebrate the upcoming game between Seattle and Green Bay, I have compiled some of the best videos made to celebrate the beloved Seattle Seahawks. Mr. Brick wants to assure that he is making no claims of ownership of any and all video and audio. The copyright is of their various copyright owners and no claim is made of ownership by Mr. Brick for this blog post.

Hawktown Funk by online campus

Eastlake Community Church got together and created Winner, a music video tribute to Seattle’s Seahawk heroes.

Seattle Seahawks – World Champions by Joseph Vincent

Win It Tonight (Norb-Cam acapella Seahawks playoff jam) by Norb Caoili

Seahawks/Eagles fans in the epic rap battle (Rivals#5-NorbCam vs. Philadelphia)

Seahawks What did the Hawk say?   by FreaknGeniusTV

Fan’s Christmas Decorations Tribute to Seahawks by Anthony Mish

Seahawks Fan Reaction Montage – NFC Championship 2014 (EXTENDED VERSION) by Ben Brockman

Seahawks 2013 MEGA Cut by Aaron Elliott

Seattle Seahawks Highlights and Hard Hits #1 by Isak Laestander

Can’t Hold Seattle Seahawks/12th MAN! by AgentxOfxChaos

Another great Seahawks video by Norb Caoili

And for a softer side of the disease, here is a video about the coach of the Seahawks. It’s very heartwarming.

Go Hawk’s

Mr. Brick

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Special Thanks to Norb-Cam,  Visit there on Youtube for many more great videos. That guy needs to have Hollywood visit him for sure. You can also like his Facebook page here.