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$15 an hour? Do you want fries with that?

Fries with that Degree?

$15.00 an hour to sling cheese burgers? Gimme a break. Do the words “un-skilled” mean anything to you? Most fast food restaurants are too lazy to even fill my cup with soda pop, I have to do that myself. So maybe I missed something but at what point does anyone, other than those thugs in organized labor, actually feel that those pimply faced teens are worth $15.00 an hour? They can’t even remember that when you ordered, you said it was “to go”, because after they told you the total due, they asked again if it was for here or to go?  They use the cash register to tell you what change to give back because they have no idea what  $10.00  – $4,87 would be. To test this theory, give them a $10.00 bill and let them ring it up. After the drawer opens, say , “Oh, here is some change.”  They will look at the change and your $10.00 bill like you just dropped bird poop in their hand.

I’m single and I do not cook, so if someone knows their way around the fast food landscape, it would be Mr. Bricks. Where’s the beef? The beef is anyplace that forgets to include part of your order and you don’t realize it until you get home. Grrrrr, I hate when that happens, sadly it happens way too often. In fact, it happened to me tonight. By law I can not tell you the name of the restaurant, but their sign say they have sold billions and billions of cheeseburgers. While I was standing in line a guy came inside saying he had just been through the drive thru and they forgot a cheese burger. The customer is always right, right?  Wrong. The manager told they guy that he was lying and that the cheese burger was in the bag. I hardly doubt the guy would take the time to park his car after going through the drive through to come inside the store to scam them out of a $1.19 cheeseburger. Logic would prevail he was telling the truth. But nooooooo, he walked away and you can pretty much assure he will never be back.

Paying these  fast food workers more money is not the answer. It will also drive many fast food places into cafeteria style service. There will be a pile of pre-cooked burgers and individual servings of fries under heat lamps that you grab and take to a cashier.

Cost of proposed teenage labor:   $15 per hour 

Cost of a heat lamp bulb to place food under:   $6.00 and lasts  1,000 hours

Savings to the entrepreneur:    priceless  


Have a great day!


Mr. Brick

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