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What Really Happened To MH Flt#370?

What Really Happened TO MH Flt#370?


Mr Brick does not process enough inside information to tell you what really happened to the missing Malaysian Flt #370, the passengers and the crew, but here are my top 5 guesses as to what happened:

1. The entire scenario is part of a world-wide reality series. Alliances are being formed and lies are being told. One by one they are being voted off of the plane onto a “losers” plane with other passengers who have been voted off. The winner will get the use of the jumbo jet for a year, tax free.

2. The plane is part of a new David Copperfield magic special. He made a plane disappear before, this time he upped the ante by making a plane full of passengers disappear.

3. It was George Bush who made the plane disappear.

4. The inflight-movie was “After Earth” staring Will Smith. Each passenger was asked to give their honest review of the film. All passengers have now entered the witness protection program for their safety after declaring the movie the biggest piece of cinematic crap of all time.

5. It’s a mystery and mysteries are not meant to be solved, hence calling it a mystery.