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Is It Spring Yet?

Come on in, the water is warm.
Come on in, the water is warm.


What is strange is, at first I didn’t even notice there was water IN the picture. But alas, after studying it for more than an hour I saw the water in the background.

Today and yesterday was not a good day with all of the tornadoes and thunderstorms in the mid west of the United States. I know some people might say, how could I post such a cheery picture… with such beautiful girls, when so many people have lost their lives in storms. Well first off, I have many, many readers from outside of the United States who don’t even know about the deadly storms. .  Secondly, if I was in a bad storm and after it ended I lifted the storm door and saw blue sky  and five beach babes, well,  I would be thanking God… for being alive, of course.  Lastly, here’s hoping this picture of beautiful beach babes bring brings a smile and beautiful weather  to everyone. Happy Spring and bring on the summer.

Have a great day!


Mr. Brick