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We Interrupt Your Life For This Message From The Government



For the long-term readers of Mr. Bricks World you know there are a few areas of the blogosphere that I do not dip my blogging toes into. Those are sports, politics and religion.

1. I hate sports. (Well, except for seeing NASCAR driver Danica Patrick in her firesuit…now that gets my heart racing. Note to doctors in the E.R: If I ever have a heart attack and my heart stops, please don’t start french kissing me and trying to do CPR….just show me a picture of Danica Patrick. Thank You.)

2. I hate politics.

3. I love my religion. (I respect other religions, if you respect mine. Don’t make me believe that your sacred pigeon created the universe….Pigeons haven’t created anything, except maybe massive amounts of pigeon poop.)

With those parameters clearly established and set in place, it is ironic that I now feel the need to take off my sneakers, socks, roll up my blue jeans, and dip my toes into the political arena with today’s blog post.

Why does the government think they know how I can have a better life. Most of the Senators and Representatives that are deciding what we can and can not do are out-of-touch, old, fat, rich, white guys who get paid enormous sums of tax payer’s money to make our lives intolerable, while they lead a jet-set live style and then get to retire on salaries 10x higher than the normal annual income of a typical US citizen.   Oh, and before I forget..they structered it so that they are exempt from all of the dumbass laws they passed.

I might sound like a Wall Street Protestor, but I am on the opposite side of the picket fence (pun intended.) A Wall Street Protestor is just a Senator or Representative in training. Someone who wants to tell others what they can and can not do, while they have absolutely no experience doing it themselves. It’s like hiring that fat nasty lady from DANCE MOM’s  to a  teach woodshop class at a high school.

What really has me going is when I saw a sign at a local McDonald’s.  A big flashy plastic banner loudly proclaimed, “All of our Happy Meals Now Have Apple Wedges!” I’m sorry, but if you listen closely you can almost hear Ronald McDonald spinning in his grave. Do you think McDonald’s wanted to started adding fruits to their box of happiness? Heck no, some lazy, overweight, dimwit on Capital Hill got a bug up their ass that American kids are too fat and that McDonald’s was to blame.  This is a fine example of government saying they know what is best and that they are a much better parent than the actual parent. So to avoid over regulations, I am sure McDonald’s added some apple wedges just to shut up Washington. If McDonald’s’ founder, Roy Kroc,  wanted to sell apples to children, he would have opened a fruit stand, not a hamburger joint.

A while back in 2004,the government had committee after committee telling the fast food industry that they could not sell Super Size their serving portions. All this while the congressmen and women in Washington were Super Sizing their salaries and pensions.

Enough ranting….I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Have a Super Sized Day!

Mr. Brick

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