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A Man Walks into the Lady’s Bathroom…

I was wondering if there is a quiet discrimination going on right under our noses. A sexual discrimination of sorts. To refresh some old memories or unknown knowledge of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment I borrowed a description from my pals over at Wikipedia:  The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would guarantee equality under the law for women. It was introduced in 1923. During the 1970s, the ERA was passed by Congress and sent to the states for ratification, but ultimately fell three states short of becoming part of the Constitution. There has been several laws passed since then granting equality to all based on sex, race and creed. But there are still loopholes.

Let it be known, I am a supporter of equal rights, despite the fact that I may not agree with what others want to do with those rights afforded to them. I just think it is wrong that others, no matter what their gender/race is, do not have the same opportunities as someone with another gender and/or race. But there are times as a society we  go overboard in making sure it is a level playing field. So I decided to add my own proposed amendment to the chaos.

I would like to propose an amendment to the Fourteenth Article of The United States Constitution that gives any person, of any gender, equal access to all public bathrooms, locker rooms and/or changing rooms. OK. I know you say this sounds super silly. Well, maybe to you it does . But to me, as a single heterosexual male I think my odds of meeting a potential life partner (how dare I call her a potential  wife) are much higher in the girl’s bathroom or in the female gym locker room, than I do in a male restroom or locker room. However, last time I followed a female into her changing room at Macy’s, I was tossed out of the store and threatened with arrest.  I should have yelled, “Help! Help! My civil rights are being discriminated against!!

Don’t get me wrong, I think there are plenty of other places I could look for a potential wife, other than just in the lady’s room.  But, in a day of granting equality to everyone, for everything – I just think I should be able to check out the hot babes at my local gym in their locker room. What’s so wrong with wanting a little equality? I really doubt any guy would care if a hot chick walked into their locker room while they were changing.  Besides, I could finally once and for all find out why it takes two girls to go to the bathroom, when a guy would never ever think of asking another man to accompany him to the bathroom.

Have a great and equal day. And I hope you enjoyed a little bathroom humor!
Mr. Brick
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4 thoughts on “A Man Walks into the Lady’s Bathroom…

  1. This cracked me up! My 14 year old son admitted on Saturday that he “accidentally” wandered into and used the ladies restroom at his basketball tournament. He decided that the ladies’ room is overrated – no urinals! (Leave it to a 14 year-old!)

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