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5 Signs That It Is Finally Spring

Wowza…that was one winter I don’t care to remember. Not that we had a lot of cold weather or a lot of snow because we didn’t. However, overall it was just a long, cold dreary winter in the Pacific Northwest. Now that springtime is here, I am sure that old man winter will be but a distant memory, just like last Saturday’s bad burritos from the taco truck parked in the Home Depot parking lot.

So are you concerned that you are a spring neophyte and might not pick up on the obvious signs that spring has indeed sprung? Well, have  no worries because that is the task of today’s blog.  Here are the 5 signs that spring is indeed here:

  1. Snow shovels are on sale at the local hardware store for $5.00
  2. Leaves in the backyard that we’re not raked last fall are now visible again and still needing to be raked
  3. 55-year old overweight, balding males uncover their prized 1970’s Trans Am or Camaro that was stored in garages all winter long and cruise around the city’s hotspots to try to get the attention of girls half their age
  4. Cute suburban couples are out walking their dogs and letting their dog poop on my nicely manicured front lawn without bothering to pick it up
  5. Despite having little snow, but record rainfall this winter, the TV newscasters are saying we need to conserve water because we are in a drought

Happy Spring!

Mr. Brick

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