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What is Worse? A Colonoscopy or A Blind Date?

How could I possibly compare a blind date  to a colonoscopy? You might think the extra sugar on my Frosted Flakes has finally zapped the remaining good brain cells I had left. But check out my list below…they are just about the same. That explains alot.

One thought on “What is Worse? A Colonoscopy or A Blind Date?

  1. Saw the headline and laughed out loud. Here’s why…a few years ago I went to see a “Colon Guy” about a possible situation I might be having. He made some recommendations, including getting a Colonoscopy – only because I was at the “magic age.” It had nothing to do with what I was actually seeing him for. He saw dollar signs. (Hold that thought on “seeing” and “saw”) Next thing I know, when I went for my follow-up I was told he was out of the office on leave because he had symptoms of a detached retina. And cue that laugh track…because no partially blind person is ever performing a Colonoscopy on moi. No sir.

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