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Everything I Learned Last Year I Learned From A Blog

Darya Pino of the award-winning blog

If we want to find the truth about something, we all know we can go on the internet and check out But by reading blogs (on almost any imaginable topic) we do learn. If you want to learn all about amazing foods you can check out the blog Summer Tomato by scientist Darya Pino who writes about ways of eating super healthy.

Blogs can be a great source of information. Blogs can also be a great source of misinformation. Oh, what a tangled interweb they are weaving.  I am not sure if blogs are meant to entertain or meant to educate. So, because of that confusion I’m not sure anyone should ever quote Mr. Brick’s blog in a research paper.  It’s not that when I write my blog I just out-and-out lie.  It’s that I…..oops, wait, that’s a lie right there. Sometimes I do create a whale of a fib to help my story flow.  Or, other times I also include a whopper to my blog because it makes it funnier.  I have learned that when I look at blog stats, funnier = more views.  And not that I am obsessed with my blog stat numbers, frankly I could care less. Oh crap, yes, that too is a lie.

Some of my “white lies” are out of my concern for others. Instead of having to say, “the names in this story have been changed to protect the innocent” it’s just easier to make up fake names from the beginning of a post. For example, if I wrote a post about my super hot girl friend named Lisa, you can just assume that my super hot girl friend is not named Lisa, but it’s Jennifer, Becky, or some other name like that. Ok, since  I am coming clean on my blog lies, let me just be honest and say, I don’t really have a super hot girl friend. In fact, I don’t even have a semi-homely one. The last time I had a super hot girl friend was during the Carter Administration. (Sadly, friends who really know me, know this is not a lie.)

I like the blogs that have lots of photographs. That’s because I am jealous. I don’t take photos because I have always felt the time it takes to focus and shoot the picture you missed what you were trying to capture. Ok, that’s a lie, the real reason I don’t take pictures is because of the pending court case and that unfortunate incident of when my camera accidentally went off in the middle of a super model’s dressing room.  But, I do like the blogs with photos. You can vicariously travel all over the world without leaving your couch. Some of  the photos are so amazing that sometimes I feel like I was transported to a different time and place. Kinda like an episode of Star Trek without the pointy ears and tacky stretch jumpsuits. OK, I’m lying…unless I have been eating specially made brownies, I never have felt like I was transported.

Then there are the blogs where people talk about amazing food. The other night I was reading a well written blog that talked about why the combination of chicken and waffles work so well together. I had never had that combination before, but after reading it, I just had to have chicken and waffles.  It didn’t matter that it was 3:00 am, but I just had to have it. So, since the dog was already fast asleep, I bundled him up and scooped him into the car off to the 24-hour Wal-Mart to get some waffle mix, maple syrup and some frozen chicken parts. It was nearly 4:45 before I was doing the dishes after a delightful chicken and waffle mid-night snack!  It was yummo!  Ok, that was all a big fat lie. It was only 7:30pm and I just went to Denny’s to have some Chicken and Waffles.  But, it was good.

Ok, ok, so this post is also one big fat lie. Truth be told,  I haven’t learned anything in the past year! No matter how many blogs I have read, I guess I’m still the same dumbass I was in 2011.

Mr. Brick

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