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My Strange Addiction is My Strange Addiction

The real deal! Carisa Hendrix – A real side-show superstar –

I have blogged about this before, but I need to speak up again because I just watched a train wreck and I couldn’t stop looking at it! We’ll, not an actual train wreck, just the reality show called, My Strange Addiction. Hello, my name is Mr. Bricks and I am addicted to My Strange Addiction.

Anyone can spend 30 short minutes of their life and all of a sudden feel normal again just by watching these freaks. In another lifetime, I  worked for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus – so I know all about freaks. In the circus, there is the sideshow. Some people called the side-show performers freaks. They are not freaks! The freaks in the circus are the Carney dudes who work in the midway.   But real sideshow performers have talent, usually a whole bunch of different talents! Check out the world’s best sideshow performer Carisa Hendrix at and you will see a real talent. She’s awesome.

But I’m talking about freaks, not talented side-show performers like Carisa.  All you have to do is watch TLC’s My Strange Addiction to see what I am talking about. Remember Andy Warhol’s quote,  “In the future everyone will get their 15-minutes of fame?” That’s why TLC has 2 freaks per show…They all have pretty much used up their fame quota.

If you have never seen the show you might think  I am being cruel by calling these people freaks… trust me, they are F – to the R – to the E – to the A – to the KS! FREAKS! I just saw a dude who was not only in love with his car, but he got it on with his car. Seriously, Dude? You got it on with your car?  I have heard of heterosexual, homosexual, metrosexual, but never autosexual. Also,  I have heard guys giving their cars lube jobs, but never the other way around. Until this freak. I  loved it when he said that “maybe” he was a little lonely. You think? He said it was love at first sight and it is true love with Chase. He named his car Chase.

If that wasn’t bad enough, TLC kept delivering more freaks.

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up….don’t be shy. Tonight TLC is bringing more freaks than Rebecca Black YouTube views to the comfort of your living room. Yes, step right up…. we have two ladies you just have to see to believe. First, we have Moth Ball Lady.  A woman so driven by the smell of moth balls, that she sprinkles them all around her house. Yes, Ladies and Germs, Moth Ball Lady is real. No gimmicks, no mirrors, folks. Just a real (lonely) lady who loves to smell moth balls. It’s a wonder she can get their little legs apart.Wait, don’t yak on your computer keyboard just yet.   There’s more.

And folks, please don’t turn away…please don’t change the channel. You don’t want to miss Cat Treat Woman.  Yes, you heard me right – Cat Treat Woman. Witness a pure feat of Gastrological prestidigitation as Cat Treat Woman dines exclusively on, yep, you guessed it, cat treats! OK, time to yak on the computer now.

Oh, wait….Hoarders is now on TLC….great, more freaks.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

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