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5 Things You Should Never Buy From Craig’s List

Many of us often use Craig’s List as our high-tech, go-to source for items like furniture, automobiles and pets. Yes, pets. My beloved Fox Terrier, Sunny was found on Craig’s List. The previous owners are a lovely family, but Sunny has special needs, and he needed someone to just dote on him. They had children and a busy lifestyle, so although they love Sunny (and frequently visit) , They needed to find a new home for Sunny. I stay at home and do nothing but write my blog all day, so Sunny gets a ton of attention and love from me. It’s a perfect fit. Thank you Craig’s List.

But just because Sunny and I found bliss on Craig’s List doesn’t mean I go there to find everything I need. Even Mr. Brick has certain things that I believe you should not look for on Craig’s List. Here is a list of things you should not, I repeat, you should not buy off of Craig’s List.

1. Meat – It doesn’t matter if it is canned meat (think Spam) or dried meat (think beef Jerky) or even smoked fish, buying meat from a complete stranger can be deadly. I’m sure you have heard of the story of Hamlet? Although I have never personally read Billy Shakespeare’s story, I think I heard it is all about treachery, revenge, incest, and moral corruption – all over a piece of Ham? I’m sorry I just don’t get it. A McRib maybe, but a piece of ham? I don’t think so.

 2. Jewelry – Oh, I’m sure it’s real gold too! Just because it doesn’t have any 10k, 14k or 24k markings shouldn’t make me nervous. Yah, I know the price of gold has gone through the roof, but 24k gold-plated over cooper is still worthless, just sayin’. Unless you are jeweler with one of those fancy little magnifying glasses and all of those chemicals to check it out, I’d stay away from buying jewelry from strangers.

3. Bowling Balls – You are not getting me to stick my hand, nor should you or any anyone else stick their hand into someone else’s dark sweaty place, like the finger holes of their old bowling balls. Bacteria central, hello. I know there are a ton more jokes here, but I’m not going there.

4. Suit Cases – You will be thinking twice about this next time “Korki” the drug-sniffing DEA dog stops dead in his tracks at your suitcase when you try to check-in on your next flight. Yes, you might be able to talk your way out of it explaining that it was your suitcase, but you just bought it on Craig’s List from some tattooed guy named Hector  – but that will be hours after your flight took off, and that is if they even believe your Craig’s List story.

5. Underpants – I think this one is self-explanatory.

Have a great day!

Mr. Brick

3 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Never Buy From Craig’s List

  1. If you dont like the idea of second hand bowling balls, where do you stand on second hand shoes with the perfectly moulded imprint of other peoples tinea encrusted feet?

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