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A Canine Couch Potato’s Top-10 All Time Favorite TV Shows

I thought I watched a lot of television until I got a dog. Holy crap, my dog Sunny watches TV from sun up to sun down…and he hogs the couch (as you can see.)  So here is the top ten TV shows that received the most “two paws up” after a very unscientific poll with one very lazy fox terrier.

The Dog Whisperer – Seriously, whenever Sunny hears Cesar Millan’s voice he perks up and is wide awake, no matter how many bowls of kibble he just ate.

Animal Hoarders – I think Sunny likes this show for his humanitarian side. He realizes there are a lot of animals out there who don’t get to sleep on clean 5 ply crisp white sheets night after night like he does.  Or maybe the fact that he has his very own matching set of fluffy pillows  on the bed that makes his little doggie heart go out to those dogs who ended up getting the short end of the bully stick.

Glee – I am not sure why this one has captivated Sunny’s attention like it does, but maybe he is a closet canine thespian.

Lassie –  Ok, I know dog’s can’t see color, or so the story goes. For me trying to watch old black and white TV shows make my butt itch. But there’s no way I’m gonna change the channel and watch Man vs. Food when Sunny is on pins and needles wondering if Lassie finds Timmy this week.

NASCAR – Sunny once told me the reason he likes watching NASCAR is that if  someone enjoys going in circles as much as he does, then  he will support them. He also challenged me when I said I like watching NASCAR just for the accidents why don’t I like it when he has an accident in the house?

Leave It To Beaver – Again, must be a black and white visual dog thing.  Sunny really pays more attention to the show when Eddie Haskell is on the screen. I do know since Sunny started watching old reruns of Leave It To Beaver on TV Land and/or  Nik at Night he has gotten much better at buttering me up and getting what he wants. Darn you Eddie Haskell!!

Family Feud – You call it a silly game show, I call it a doggie babysitter. Sunny will lay on the couch for hours on end if I leave the TV on during a Family Feud marathon on GSN. Although it is a little annoying that whenever they ring the bell he barks thinking someone is at the front door.

Storage Wars – I think this is because Sunny is always hoping they win a storage unit and find some of the bones he has buried and lost. Sunny always has to know what’s in the bag I am holding, who’s at the front door, where am I going, etc, etc. I guess the unknown of what’s in the storage units also has huge appeal in his little canine noggin. He has mentioned that he thinks the little creepy guy who keeps saying “yuuuuppp” is a jerk.

Scooby Doo –  Wrut Wro this is a given. Every dog and every guy with a dog likes watching what shenanigans Scooby Doo and Shaggy get into.

The Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show – I DVR’d this and have watched it at least 124 times and I still do not see why Sunny likes watching this TV special. As a dedicated and loyal dog owner, I will keep watching the DVR recording to try to learn why Sunny likes it so much.

Sunny loves watching this TV special, but I don’t know why!

Have  a great day!

Mr. Brick

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9 thoughts on “A Canine Couch Potato’s Top-10 All Time Favorite TV Shows

    1. Maybe I should send Sunny to you on the weekends, that way you both can enjoy Truck races, Nationwide and Sprint Cup races. 🙂

      Mr Bricks

      P.S. Sunny loves eating pizza when watching NASCAR.

  1. Looks like Sunny is well-trained in couch-potato-ing, but yes, I do hope you get to the bottom of why he likes the VS Special so much.

  2. Now this post makes me very sad – my Olly (who is presently laid up with a mystery sports injury) is disinterested in TV unless it involves wolf pups squealing. A lot. I think he’s a masochist.

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