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Truth In Advertising

Pepsi does a body good!

I’ve been in and around the entertainment industry my entire life. The entertainment industry is a shirttail cousin to the advertising business, so I am pretty well versed in things, like truth in advertising and the inability for companies to make claims that are not true in their advertising. Wouldn’t that be nice if we could adopt that same policy with all of the political ads?  But that is another blog for another day.

Using celebrities in ads is a common practice. If it is far-fetched that the celebrity actually would use the product the company displays a disclaimer that says “Paid celebrity endorsement.” I mean when I saw that chick named Farrah from the MTV show,  “13 and pregnant” (or whatever it is called) advertising trojan condoms, yeah, I knew she was just a celebrity paid endorser.  Sometimes when watching tv you need to think where the truth is and other times you can see a commercial that is spot on when it comes to truth in advertising.  For example:

All of those toilet paper companies that are using cuddly little bears in their commercials. It certainly answers the age-old question, “Do bears sh$# in the woods?”

Tom Bosley, Mr. Cunningham from the Happy Days  tv series, is still pitching life insurance. Nice. He’s been dead for almost a year now.

Chef Ramsey is seen looking at someone with a knife in his hand advertising his new line of cookware at K-Mart. The ad looks like a scene from Psycho…and well, the truth in advertising is that Chef Ramsey is a true psycho.

Those singing fruits for Fruit of the Loom underwear. Those guys must be real fruits because I do not think a serious actor would honestly accept a gig like that.  Once you have appeared in a commercial like that your acting career is toast. I just can’t see a casting director putting someone like that into a feature film or a sitcom knowing that the entire time that actor was on the screen people would be thinking to themselves, isn’t that the dude who dresses like an apple and sings about underpants?

Burger King had to ixnay their creepy big plastic-headed character because the truth is, he was creepy. But they never told you that while filming the commercial where he snuck into people’s bedroom three people actually had heart attacks and died when they woke up and saw the creepy king hovering over their bedside. One man soiled himself.

That little guy doing the commercial for DirecTV who says, “Funny Puzzler. I am a small boy, but the entire world call me whale. Because I am big boy in casino. Everything I do is crazy big. So when DirecTV offers me biggest, most popular, tv package, I go all in…”  The truth in advertising is that he is a big whale.  His name is  Phun Ne Phuck,  he is a businessman from China and he recently purchased the state of Texas and Rhode Island from the United States.  Here is that commercial. Click here.

<insert snark alert here>

So maybe big government is a good idea…I mean it is totally working as the Government controlling what companies can and can not say in their advertising.

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  1. I shouldn’t laugh but the fact that Mr.C is pitching life insurance from the grave is well, funny in a sick kind of way. Advertising schmadvertising!

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