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Who Moved My Facebook Cheese?

5 thoughts on “Who Moved My Facebook Cheese?

  1. Glad to be “of service.” I just expanded on these “cheesy thoughts” a bit in a new post today based on the frustration I found with WordPress this morning. Facebook, Google, WordPress all want us to constantly be “using” their sites so they can claim more time spent, expose folks to more advertising off our free content, etc. Always moving “our” cheese…which is really “theirs!”

  2. I have yet to take the Facebook plunge. Content with Blogging, Twitter and LinkedIn. It was sad to see my Twitter timeline fill up yesterday over outrage Facebook changed something… again. You would think by now folks would get used to the fact today’s app is short-lived and always will be tweaked…that’s what helps keep folks addicted to things…moving their cheese as it were. You gotta be on it all the time to keep up…

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