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The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming. Oh Crap, They’re Already Here!

One of the first memories I have of hearing a foreign accent on TV in a scolding manner was on Nanny 911.  The show was all about a British nanny  complete with fancy circus style top hat, cape and a switch in her hand would waltz into the homes of American families that had a heard of little bastards unruly children and within an hour restored a calmness to their household.

A few years later we had that British bad boy turned record mogul Simon Cowell storm the country by telling American singers who wanna be idols that they sounded like cheap karaoke rubbish. I concur Simon, most of them do sound like they belong in a theme park.

Then along came Gordon Ramsay, the British celebrity chef who waltzed into American kitchens and restaurants screaming and swearing at Americans who wanna make a living with their culinary skills.  But according to Chef Ramsay these freaking idiots can’t even cook Risotto.

Then there is that one really old English dude, Lennard Gordon “Len” Goodman who is the head judge on Dancing With The Stars who loves telling American Celebrities that their Salsa dancing looks like it came out of a Salsa jar from New York City.

I need to also mention Robert Pattinson who plays the Edward character from the Twilight & Eclipse movies otherwise my niece would disown me. As far as I can see all of this Brit twit has done is to teach young impressionable girls how to be bitten and then smitten.

I think we all know that we can blame George, Paul John and Ringo for the demise of America.

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4 thoughts on “The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming. Oh Crap, They’re Already Here!

  1. Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay… you Americans are getting the very dregs of Britain. I suppose Britain is marginally better off for the absence of Gordon and Simon and a good few others. The trouble is a lot of American TV shows find their way across the Atlantic bringing with them those same British celebrities we thought we’d got rid of! Boo-hoo!

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